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  1. 1 hour ago, Whitestar said:

    How many times have we actually been good in a live on TV game?

    Play off final v Preston.

    Aston villa League cup semi 1st leg.

    Cry at the Reebok v Leeds.

    That game against spurs when bale was supposed to tear us a new one.

    Think it was a cup game v arsenal , we only won 1-0 but Diouf was on fire.

    Annd it took me a good while to think of them 5.




    Gillingham i think it was promotion season 4-0? Vela & Clough on song. speaking of Cloughie we beat the bucket shakers at Giggle on TV as well 

  2. 15 hours ago, Johnnyrotten said:

    Yes there are worse teams than Mansfield, gone from "no wins" to 1 defeat in 6, and not in last 4 aways.  I bet Sunderland fans aren't happy with Parky going out of the cup to a team that hadn't won in 14 league and cup games, at least it wasn't us that gave them their 1st win.  They'll probably have a good season now with Clough.

    Clough? I remember him. A few of us voted for him for our next manager and were ridiculed for it by usual suspects on here. 

  3. 30 minutes ago, Biggish Dave said:

    I know I didn’t pay a tenner. Already smashed a phone this season after a Crellin cock up, not ready to buy a new iPad as well yet

    well dave you wouldnt be picking White if youd seen the game pal. i couldnt take watching it all time tbh. flitted in and out but jeezus.

    frustrating as sort keeper out jettison baptiste Gordon & white stop fannying about in our own half and play the subs miller isgrove tutte & get Jones Doyle back - there would be big improvements 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Francis Fogarty said:

    I'm still giving him the chance. With legendary 20/20 hindsight it would have been better to keep one of our established bigger keepers on a retainer just in case the waiflike BC turned out not to be up to it.

    FV must have been able to see Billys shortcomings weeks ago. There must be a reason we still only have two keepers and Gilks, and never a spare on the bench.

    surely you dont have to have hindsight to have a back up to a plan that involved pitching a young inexperienced 3rd choice keeper in at the deep end?

    Alexander is barely out of school and has played one league game and when was last time Gilks actually played? He was only registered for emergencies as hes supposed to be GK coach first and foremost?

    Had disaster written all over it from the off. Thats why im so annoyed. And the no sub goalie just makes us look even more pub league

  5. Evatt FFS

    1. sort out this keeper situation NOW! You and Toby Fuckwit have created it so solve it somehow this week. Crellin cant play again

    2. stop playing your mates Baptiste & White. get rid of Gordon and never ever play him again.

    3. stop pissing about in our half and get the ball to where it needs to be as quickly as possible. You dont have any wingbacks worthy of the name. Do the basics and forget your 'system' or you are history. We are beating ourselves at moment like Jules said. sort it out or fuck off ive had enough now. Even 20 new players should be organised into something resembling a team by now 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Mounts Kipper said:

    2 of evatts trusted foot soldiers to blame, keeping picking them Ian and you’re  history. 

    yep and Baptiste.  shocking 

  7. Agree we have no options in the goalkeeping department.  But that is down to Evatt and Phoenix's bingo machine. Starting with Fleetwoods third choice keeper on loan with no viable back up and playing no keeper on bench is a recipe for disaster  Possible arrogance there as no plan B  This situation could actually cost Evatt his job. 

    oh and Baptiste is utter utter utter FUCKIN SHITE! Literally anyone else would do for me. Another situation Evatt has to take responsibility for.


  8. 3 hours ago, ErnestTurnip said:

    Least the new iFollow thing worked which was one positive. Maybe.

    but why was the picture quality on our game shit compared to others? or is it just me? i flicked over to do a quick comparison and wigan , sunderland and even pissin barrow much better picture ours was crap.

  9. 1 minute ago, Mounts Kipper said:

    That’s his only job, knock it to the bye line and put a cross in, incapable, release the cunt. 

    He has never looked capable of beating any one or getting near the bye line in every game ive seen him. woeful but not on his own

  10. Just now, RUREADY2ROLL said:

    Dropping the shit would be a start

    Im sure someone could organise a defence to look like they can actually defend from what weve got. need a new keeper mind but that is Evatts fault no argument 

  11. Just tuned in to see us go one down. Dear me

    Now making Mansfield Town look like world beaters.  Beyond words

    The goalkeeping situation Baptiste, Tom White (thought he knew this mon and how to get him to play)the fullbacks our style our shape Crawford Gonnoreah . The whole defence and midfield. Nothing is improving.  in facr its getting worse!!

  12. 1 hour ago, Rizlar said:

    Straight from kick off  a Mansfield player shoots from the half way line Crellin misses it and they score we have 90 per possession and lose 1-0 .

    and the manager will say afterwards we played well without the ball 

  13. 20 hours ago, DazBob said:

    It was a fair point tbh.

    the point i was making was about managing expectations and where we are now. i am well aware of the teams in our actual division thank you. If we accept on the pitch at least we are years behind one man and his dog outfits like the ones i alluded to then perhaps we wont have folk thinking we can walk this division.


  14. 12 hours ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

    Give him til Salford for me

    you need to get used to the obvious. we are not getting promoted this season no matter who is in charge. Even expecting so is frankly an insult to the teams who have been in this division fir years. Get real. Accrington,  Fleetwood, Pissin Rochdale even Newport & Cambridge and others in this division are years ahead of us and we arent closing the gap in one season. Being BWFC doesn't cut it on its own

  15. I feel sorry for the lad. Too much too soon not ready. A massive risk from Evatt to install such an inexperienced loan signing as first choice without any obvious back up. Doesnt say much for his or Gilks judgement either. How he deals with this could be make or break for him here now.

  16. we will do nothing until we get a team rather than a collection of mostly very poor individual players. This season is already a write off. Evatt has made mistakes still think he will learn and lets see where we are next year. 

    Apologies to Hugh Mungus as well you were right. 

  17. if enough of his nutters get out in the key states this fucker can win again. He will win Flori-dur coz of all the retirees with money and the Cuban Exile votes (just has to appear tough on Castro to get them). Then he can say i support coal and fracking to win in Pennsylvania again. One thing against him is he is not up against Hilary this time so sleepy Joe should just about win.  After months of recounts and court cases

  18. 14 minutes ago, Casino said:

    if the union breaks up, it will be because NI has been sold out by Bozo and his bent mates

    Think it was Tam Dalyell who said granting devolution to Scotland was like getting on a motorway with only one exit?

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