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  1. Ridiculous to even be rating him at all yet! 20 new players what dont you get about that? no other manager has been in that position. FFS
  2. Just watched the highlights. Very encouraged. when was the last time we scored a goal from sixteen passes in any league? We will get it right eventually. injuries not helping and that linesman yesterday robbed us what a fantastic goal that was. Lets stop doubting Evatt, and Sarcevic, and Doyle and Santos and our style and get behind them. And i include myself in that. weve gone from shed load of problems to just two or three now. Also our luck will turn. injuries a bummer but we can do this. Absolutely nothing to be frightened of in this league. We are just assembling a squad never
  3. ive never rated him tho pal. Also granted hes played at a higher level in the past but thats gone now and im struggling to understand his worth to us in our current situation
  4. not on evidence i have seen so far this season. far from it.
  5. Joe Biden jeez is that the best Democrats can come up with? he will probably win because hes not Hillary Clinton but come on. Past it doesnt come close
  6. spot on and most of us were saying that (Crellin no choice but should never have been our main goalie) before the game. mentioning Rioch in same breath is laughable as well. i was at Chester away absolutely nothing like this. This is just awful from top to bottom and Evatt needs to recognise it. Either compromises in short term or there is no long term for him here. woeful defending. i thought that had been improving little by little according to some?
  7. i agree but that selection tonight? im seriously questioning his judgement over Crellin Comley and Baptiste. Brockbank on left? Come on Ian get an out of contract keeper get your best X1 sorted and master the basics in defence & midfield. if you havent got the players to play the style you want - what then? you were a defender. peter atherton was a defender. WTF. first 5 mins tonight unacceptable and next 85 almost so.
  8. "i want to see how it pans out" copyrighted by Casino
  9. before game you knew Crellin Brockbank Baptiste Comley and unfortunately Sarcevic were going to be useless. Crawford probably lucky to be in team as well.
  10. pub team with pub manager
  11. come off it. his style of play.his players. choosing to go with an inexperienced kid on loan from fucking fleetwood in key position .signing his mate Baptiste. team selection comley again why? he hasnt a clue absolutely his fault!!
  12. what time did this fucking shitstorm start?? just logged on to get team news and 2 down! is this a nightmare?? i looked at that team Comley Sarcevic still in fuckin Baptiste back and no Fonz thought shit.
  13. if we just talking cunt and not great artist only one mon boils my piss arise sir Bob Scruffy twat tax dodging credit taking condescending patronising fucking Geldof
  14. Maybe but Billy writes some great love songs in fact id go as far to say they are better than his political stuff
  15. snowball


    Ben 23-2-1 as starter against Browns. Until this season he had also won more games at the Browns First Energy Stadium than any Browns QB!
  16. Hate rugby. Love American Football. if you hate it you dont get it. Fantastic game.
  17. Aye there would be a few 'Chris Taylor's' by now getting abuse theyve never had before and might not get over. Thinking of Comley & Gordon for starters but it would be tense by now. Evatt would be getting some next home match as well if it goes tits up again. Rightly so as well IMHO
  18. Well we had better be planning for it coz we are going nowhere unless Southend improve. Seriously folk need to forget fantasies about promotion. Hope that comes back to bite me but i see absolutely nothing to convince me at moment otherwise
  19. sadly he wasnt wanted by Doncaster or in Scotchland. time for everyone even poor old johnny to see he fits in with our other cast offs and rejects. We need a strong spine snd we haven't even got a strong toe at moment. Aiming for 3rd bottom at moment. actually glad im not there to see it. dragging myself over during the latter days of Parky was bad enough.
  20. Johnny is full of it. sad really- give it up mate hes been utter shite.Crawford is massively over rated because he was the best in a terrible team last year. We are showing absolutely no sign of improvement whatsoever and the football we are playing is embarrassing. Id seriously be thinking of getting rid and asking Graham Alexander or similar to take it on until the end of the season but might just be because im so pissed off at moment
  21. But why should likes of Stoke with a £90 million wage bill or Derby/Boro etc the ones who have thrown a ton of money about be bailed out? Especially by govt
  22. Thought Southgate was a different manager in that he didnt have favourites and in form players with their club would get games Why is Pickford still in team? Pope had outstanding season and Maguire needs fucking off. Dont rate rice either. Apart from World Cup and Euros these internationals are shite. Scotchmen now being bigged up as well. dear me
  23. Their new ground is amazing. WHL was impresdive old stadium as well. Home gates right up there. they have the tradition and history. i wouldnt judge a club on just on trophies bought/won recently. They are easy a top six if not top four club for me on every criteria.
  24. Citeh not as big as Everton? and yes i mean before the arabs hitched up. i would say similar size myself.
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