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  1. 10 minutes ago, Burndens Bogs said:

    The way Wiggin fans see it is this ,they think their 2013 FA cup final win trumps anything we’ve ever achieved, because it’s more recent.

    They also think it makes their 'history". Wigan Post said Spanish wanted an English club with proud history. pmsl.  Dont know whether i want this takeover to collapse or the venture capitalist Vultures to strip their carcass to the bone then liquidate.  

    tick tock

  2. remember a very uninspiring New Years Day i think game at burnden which until recently was a lowlight of my time 3rd div mid 80's. also went to one that got called off -pretty late if memory serves. other than that cant remember much else about these.

  3. 1 minute ago, masi 51 said:

    Throw Tutte in as well

    aye still think crawford needs to step up himself with jones white isgrove Miller think these can all have a bigger role with possibly Darcy as well. Miss Politic but we should have enough. hopefully.one or two of the others will.improve. lack of keeper competition my big worry

  4. First time id seen kioso looks well good enough for this league and got stuck in defending when he had to. a plus for me. sort keeper and full back(s) and be ok. Some of counter attacks and passing was good and i missed the best in first half looks like.

  5. typical only saw second half. crawford needs to get some shooting boots. ref and linesman giving fouls for fun officials are shit as rest.of league. 

    come on whites.  thought delaney was good second half. No 24 beaten too easily and nearly cost us. its coming slowly 

  6. 1 hour ago, Tombwfc said:


    For the most part, I agree with that. He deserves time and no-one knows how he'll pan out. But, the objective for the season wasn't to score one half decent goal and be 18th in League Two. 

    Taking into account the league we're in, and our budget relative to the other sides in it... results have been appalling up to this point. If you were making any snap judgements (which you shouldn't) he'd be far closer to the bottom of the list of managers we've had since Big Sam than the top. In fact, he'd be bottom by a clear distance.

    Ridiculous to even be rating him at all yet! 20 new players what dont you get about that? no other manager has been in that position. FFS

  7. 9 hours ago, Tombwfc said:


    That'd be a bonkers statement to make if he'd won all 11 games so far, never mind one.

    Whatever people think of them, the high points of Parky's, Megson's, Coyle's and even Freedman's tenures all just about edge beating Harrogate away.

    Just watched the highlights. Very encouraged. when was the last time we scored a goal from sixteen passes in any league?

    We will get it right eventually.  injuries not helping and that linesman yesterday robbed us what a fantastic goal that was. Lets stop doubting Evatt, and Sarcevic, and Doyle and Santos and our style and get behind them. And i include myself in that. weve gone from shed load of problems to just two or three now.

    Also our luck will turn. injuries a bummer but we can do this.  Absolutely nothing to be frightened of in this league. We are just assembling a squad never mind a team. 20 new players. As GNR said we all need a little patience.

  8. 2 minutes ago, dusan nikolic said:

    That's why I said he  should of , I agree he is bobbins at the minute.

    ive never rated him tho pal. Also granted hes played at a higher level in the past but thats gone now and im struggling to understand his worth to us in our current situation 

  9. 6 minutes ago, Burndens Bogs said:

    I’d prefer to see Crellin, Brockbank,Baptiste and Comley  out of the team.

    spot on and most of us were saying that (Crellin no choice but should never have been our main goalie) before the game. 

    mentioning Rioch in same breath is laughable as well. i was at Chester away absolutely nothing like this. This is just awful from top to bottom and Evatt needs to recognise it. Either compromises in short term or there is no long term for him here. woeful defending. i thought that had been improving little by little according to some?

  10. 14 minutes ago, Arrested development said:

    Realistically I don't think Sharon and co are trigger happy so he's going nowhere. 

    It's going to take time . Plenty of games left. Sacking managers after 5 games gets you nowhere 

    i agree but that selection tonight? im seriously questioning his judgement over Crellin Comley and Baptiste.  Brockbank on left? Come on Ian get an out of contract keeper get your best X1 sorted and master the basics in defence & midfield. if you havent got the players to play the style you want - what then? you were a defender. peter atherton was a defender. WTF. first 5 mins tonight unacceptable and next 85 almost so.

  11. 2 minutes ago, kent_white said:

    Not a lot Evatt can do about a start like that. It's the fucking players who have to take responsibility. Not the shape - not the tactics - if you're down 2-0 after 3 minutes you have to look at yourselves.

    come off it. his style of play.his players.  choosing to go with an inexperienced kid on loan from fucking fleetwood in key position .signing his mate Baptiste. team selection comley again why? he hasnt a clue absolutely his fault!!

  12. what time did this fucking shitstorm start?? just logged on to get team news and 2 down! is this a nightmare?? i looked at that team Comley Sarcevic still in fuckin Baptiste back and no Fonz thought shit. 

  13. 18 minutes ago, Mr Grey said:

    That bloke who was in a band about coconuts and sang a song called stool pigeon.

    Proper cunt!

    Limahl from Kajabastardgoogoo , proper Wigan cunt with an hairstyle that had cunt written all over it.

    Neither were great artist, but definitely up there in the CUNT category.

    if we just talking cunt and not great artist only one mon boils my piss

    arise sir Bob Scruffy twat tax dodging credit taking condescending patronising fucking Geldof

  14. On 15/10/2020 at 00:14, Cheese said:

    That's mental. It's like eating something because you like the colour of it, even though it tastes horrible. Or going to watch a football club you don't support because you like their kit. What do you do when you listen to it, just try to ignore the lyrics?

    Maybe but Billy writes some great love songs in fact id go as far to say they are better than his political stuff

  15. Aye there would be a few 'Chris Taylor's' by now getting abuse theyve never had before and might not get over. Thinking of Comley & Gordon for starters but it would be tense by now. Evatt would be getting some next home match as well if it goes tits up again.

    Rightly so as well IMHO 

  16. 7 minutes ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

    Needs assessing after the next 4 games

    anyone who thinks we can afford to hang around for another year in league 2 is crazy 

    Well we had better be planning for it coz we are going nowhere unless Southend improve. Seriously folk need to forget fantasies about promotion.

    Hope that comes back to bite me but i see absolutely nothing to convince me at moment otherwise 

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