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  1. 45 minutes ago, Marc505 said:

    Got a feeling Crawford might be one of those who became brilliant whilst out injured. Struggling to see what he brings at moment,cant even fall back on his set pieces.

    sadly he wasnt wanted by Doncaster or in Scotchland. time for everyone even poor old johnny to see he fits in with our other cast offs and rejects.

    We need a strong spine snd we haven't even got a strong toe at moment. Aiming for 3rd bottom at moment.  actually glad im not there to see it. dragging myself over during the latter days of Parky was bad enough.

  2. 3 minutes ago, darrener said:

    Really??? 😂 

    Johnny is full of it. sad really- give it up mate hes been utter shite.Crawford is massively over rated because he was the best in a terrible team last year. We are showing absolutely no sign of improvement whatsoever and the football we are playing is embarrassing.  Id seriously be thinking of getting rid and asking Graham Alexander or similar to take it on until the end of the season but might just be because im so pissed off at moment 


  3. Thought Southgate was a different manager in that he didnt have favourites and in form players with their club would get games 

    Why is Pickford still in team? Pope had outstanding season and Maguire needs fucking off. Dont rate rice either.  

    Apart from World Cup and Euros these internationals are shite. Scotchmen now being bigged up as well. dear me

  4. 9 minutes ago, SatanGreavsie said:

    Just don't get the Spurs thing. Sum total of honours in the 30 odd years of the PL era - 2 league cups. As I say, if they weren't London based nobody would pay them a fraction of the attention they do.

    Their new ground is amazing. WHL was impresdive old stadium as well. Home gates right up there. they have the tradition and history. i wouldnt judge a club on just on trophies bought/won recently. They are easy a top six if not top four club for me on every criteria.

  5. 11 hours ago, gonzo said:

    It should just read richest 6 clubs, not biggest.

    City in the grand scheme of things arent as big as spurs or everton. 


    Citeh not as big as Everton? and yes i mean before the arabs hitched up. i would say similar size myself. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, birch-chorley said:

    Think they want stricter ffp to stop another Chelsea or City happening

    Id be totally against that 

    If someone wants to come and pump billions into UK football then let them, not bothered if Forest Green end up winning the PL personally 

    Thats why i hate FFP in its current form. its just stopping anyone else becoming big six. Chelski, Citeh gatecrashed big 4. they dont want a big seven or eight. all about self preservation 

  7. 15 minutes ago, Traf said:

    Fag packet maths...

    168 twixes...
    4 per championship club
    2 per league 1 club
    1 per league 2 club

    assuming 24 teams in each. The PL still haven't said how they'll shrink the system by two clubs.

    just boot extra bottom feeders in Div 2 out. Not happening this season or next anyway so im all for it! Tranmere & Wigan hopefully

  8. 51 minutes ago, kent_white said:

    FV appear to be backing it?

    Theres a lot to like in it . End to parachute payments, One TV deal negotiated by PL that includes EFL. 25% of tv monies to EFL. Ensure EFL clubs survive covid. Hasnt EFL been after this for ages but never been close.

    Also like the Play off idea with 3rd bottom of Prem. 18 clubs in Prem - how many were jn top flight back in the day?

    Can live without League Cup. yes rich will get richer and they might eventually fuck off but at least there will be EFL clubs left  No such thing as a free lunch so maybe best way forward post covid. 

  9. Feared that Covid would be an excuse to change football forever and it will never be the same again.

    Does the plan have merits tho? The parachute money is unfair. The Big Six untouchable anyway? £250 million would stop a lot of EFL clubs going bang. Got to be better than that City mons idea of 'B' sides in EFL. No?

  10. Just now, paulhanley said:

    That's pretty much the situation sadly. I'm back to thinking "at least we've got a club" and "at least we aren't on minus 12 points". 

    And also .... "at least there's some football to talk about".

    The only way is up. I think.

    it is. we got beat fucking 7-1 by Accrington bastard Stanley and are a league lower than them and other one man and his dog shite like Rochdale.  We arent walking anything  a steady improvement is all we csn hope for.

  11. 1 hour ago, RUREADY2ROLL said:

    We should walk this division; not going to do but should

    why? can u think of another club that has brought in 20 players in a close season and has got instant success? The players we have bought a lot from non league and league 2. truth is we are nothing special on the pitch at the moment. Ok the skill level isnt great in this league but most of these teams have been playing together for a good few years and have not just been thrown together. 

  12. 18 minutes ago, RONNIE PHILLIPS said:

    We have no idea, how to utilise Doyle. Until he gets any kind of service we're going nowhere fast. 

    Spot on. He bombed at Bradford because he was just another front man. Swindon's whole game was revolved around him. Get the ball into the box, decent delivery, first time passes to run onto. we are a million miles from that.

    Work in progress i get that but where is this delivery going to come from? its the same as this passing from the back we havent got the players to do it not on what we have seen before.

    The work is going to take a season not 10 or 15 games its looking like.

    Bigger problem tho i cant see anyone back in ground this season and football without fans is pointless. Also reckon football will be totally changed (and not for the better) by time we get back. 

  13. 1 minute ago, MickyD said:

    We are battering them but are fantastic at our failure in top third of pitch.

    McInally saying as much on Sky. said some of our midfield play been very tidy but last third "woeful" striker play our forwards not showing for the ball. He should know

  14. 59 minutes ago, Boothy said:

    please be true. already looking as dodgy as fuck without the LP article. 

    Related to a lion tamer? Rolfcopter. Tax Evasion links to Charlton ,offices in Bury, bankruptcy, asset stripping . Plea for anonymity until completed (why? what they hiding?) This is going to get interesting 

  15. Just now, snowball said:

    Youre right. The EFL dont make the rules they just implement them. Its the clubs that make the rules so blaming the clubs for EFL failings like many fans do is pointless and they are just a scapegoat. Like Wigan blaming EFL for the points deduction. Thats what all the other clubs wanted. Same with these dodgy owners or liquidation what can EFL do?

    Sorry meant blaming the EFL is pointless when they are just doing what the other clubs want.

  16. 9 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    I suppose the clubs agree to the terms as part of their membership. Whether they would be prepared to get together and change things- dont know.

    Youre right. The EFL dont make the rules they just implement them. Its the clubs that make the rules so blaming the clubs for EFL failings like many fans do is pointless and they are just a scapegoat. Like Wigan blaming EFL for the points deduction. Thats what all the other clubs wanted. Same with these dodgy owners or liquidation what can EFL do?

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