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  1. To think some were worried about our keeper most in defence. Early days but Santos, Gordon, Greenidge, Taft even Jones dear me. Baotiste was shit 5 years ago so no real expectation there
  2. Barely acceptable way of watching Wanderers for me well behind watching a full game on Ceefax.
  3. Morsy agreed terms with Boro. Loving it. Only Naismith left i think from their last match with Fulham . Hopefully he will be gone soon and even Rodge would admit they are fucked.
  4. Wigan v Bolton in Leigh would be carnage. Never happen tho if think about it. Definite tactic by bidders using Nixon as mouthpiece. Would harm Warriors (Wiggins No1 team) as they couldnt afford upkeep themselves and surely be financial penalties to walk away. LSV seems to be doing fine without them as well.plenty of tenants. Anyway whens Morsy going? That will upset the scruffs followed by the others who have told admin they dont want to stay. Go on Gerald you know it makes sense! A thousand cuts please
  5. snowball


    Ravens Saints superbowl. as long as Lamar stays fit. Plenty of young running quarter backs not many older ones.
  6. utter waste of time these 2 games in a pointless tournament i still dont understand. whole thing should have been scrapped given late end to season and corona
  7. If these Yanks can take Tampa Bay Rays to Canada they might just be contemplating taking Wigan all the way to Leigh. One if them nobbos on Tics Speak claimed not to know whether folk in Leigh felt part of Wigan. sure some on here could put him right!
  8. We really could do with finding another postman
  9. me too! i still havent forgiven City for losing to them the soft prima donna cunts! One of reasons i want them to go bust is because it kind of cancels out the win in my twisted BWFC mind! I am jealous of that one thing but absolutely nothing else about them.
  10. vermin pure and simple. would love to see them eradicated
  11. saw a different game than me then. 'much better' nah. we were a completely new team but even so.
  12. Honestly dont bother. i started watching it on dodgy box. Pic quality and jerky movement giving me a headache. so decided to get in on phone and stream to tv (missed Bradford goal). better pic quality but still nothing like watching It in HD. turned it off at h/t late getting it back missed our goal. Rest was torture if im honest.
  13. you wouldn't have thought so. shit ive turned it off. one disappointment today is enough
  14. wouldnt like to watch i follow for a whole match. given me a fucking headache that. Anyway the back 3 bothered me Santos looked clumsy still dont rate Baptiste and teams will get behind us too easily. But a lot to be encouraged about as well. A whole new team playing together it really is going to take around ten games i reckon and weve hardly started. impressed with Tom White mom for me. Crellin looks ok and Sarcevic is a goid player. Once we get better service up to Doyle we will be fine. Only really the two ive mentioned worry me and it is very early but at least trying to play footb
  15. just to avoid doubt if course i mean the shed dwelling marxist
  16. Hes type sat at home sniping telling everyone else how to do their job. Utter muppett
  17. paid a tenner but then found it on dodgy box. looking forward to it . COYW
  18. Course they are. Usual suspects on here will slag Britain off (and Tories lets face it) whatever. Yes in many ways its been a u turning shit show and Boris is a buffooon but this ere Covid has caused havoc everywhere. Chinese to blame no one else and they should be held to account by rest of the world when this is over. What a way to wreck western economies
  19. well they were down to 9 in the first team squad so at least they have enough to field a team now. Until Krasner gets to work again
  20. Sky Sports saying £500k and oh dear they owe Rangers £500k. Someone will need to explain why that doesnt help to those retards on Latics Speyk
  21. Sharpey done all right for himself. Some going not to be able to make a success of a chippy in Wiggin but never mind hes now Chief Exec at Mansfield. Getting away ftom shitstorm hes left at DW
  22. Going bust or at least non league you goon. Back to where you belong . Now altered to 'Tic Tock
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