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  1. Daughter was playing at U12 level at Blackpool. One of the Blackpool players kicked the ball out for our throw but a grandparent had put his foot on the ball. A Blackpool player ran with the ball and scored whilst our kids were quizzing the ref (their assistant manager) as to why he’d allowed it. Us parents spent the rest of the game calling for everything but he just grinned. How he escaped a kicking, I really don’t know.
  2. The old adage, “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” can be bastardised perfectly to fit this situation. Nobody can be thankful we fucked up on Saturday just because we may have not been ready.
  3. IE said quite early on in his tenure that it was his intention that kids would be seen wearing Wanderers shirts rather than City, United and Liverpool shirts. I reckon he’s got that going in the right direction (until the blip on Saturday) We know we’re in for a fairly successful season in 24/25 and will win more often than not. That’s a great way of building rapport and support. We need to try to make top two this time.
  4. Drinking solidly for 8 or 9 hours before a 4.15 kickoff does seem to bring out the worst in folk, doesn’t it.
  5. Whoever sends news briefs to Sky News. Their wording is, “Sky News understands…” but they wouldn’t go that far without the necessary nod.
  6. Fucking hell! Long time, no posts! Welcome back, Dimron.
  7. Olympic swimmer, David Wilkie age 70
  8. @Casino ran the line for his daughter’s (and my daughter’s) team v Wigan. He did a great job to be fair but fucking hell, the Wigan supporters and coaches didn’t think highly.
  9. I thought he was a bit of… No, too obvious.
  10. Shame he’s gone to Bradford then because he ticks all the boxes for becoming a Wigan player Did Wigan’s potential signing ever spend time as a Bolton player? ✅
  11. Fuck it, take your kids to a boxing or kick boxing club instead!
  12. MickyD

    The Final

    Dear ‘every L1 team in the 24/25 season’, If you wait until our wingbacks are more wing than back, dink a long ball out wide to one of your players with a bit of pace and there you go; goal. I think that message must be getting through to our opponents by now so why can’t those in charge see the major weakness? I was wondering if the fact Oxford didn’t have flags was a major factor. And in any case, do we think having a flag would’ve helped?
  13. MickyD

    The Final

    That ‘Wembley final leniency’ absolutely put us on the back foot. Our players looked scared to death of where and when the next Exocet-style challenge was coming. Even if Oxford players were getting the ball they were making pretty damned sure they got the player a nanosecond later!; A foul in my book. Did VAR actually get used? I was pretty sure an early second half cut back resulted in a handball but received a corner. Did they actually look at it? (I’ve not bothered watching the recording yet.)
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