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  1. Once you get your breath back down to normal after those fucking steps!
  2. Even the third one, he dragged his toes into the turf instead of his studs.
  3. Just looking at our superior possession against cambridge (75%), Burton (75%) and today (66%) and we have no goals and one point from all that possession. Ipswich we enjoyed a lot less possession, 5 goals and 3 points. Perhaps bossing the possession isn't the way to do it.
  4. Afolyon was just about kicked off the pitch again! It seems to happen every game. He definitely needs protection from the refs. In other news, I was in the ground fairly early. Our little coffee and pasty stall had a sign up saying, “This kiosk is closed due to staff shortages” Thing is, the warming cabinet was full of Carr’s pasties. I pointed out this anomaly to the bar staff who told me that if someone wanted a pasty they’d need to join the bar queue to pay then one of the bar staff would go to the kiosk and get a pasty. You couldn’t make it up.
  5. It'll certainly get the newbies flocking back in their droves
  6. The FA have measures in place to prevent this though. Do they not do a snap audit in order to ensure their clubs are sticking to their FFP rules or is their role to keep a watching brief and just await the implosion?
  7. MickyD


    I’m not having it. Burnley, Blackburn & PNE won’t look at our crowd today with jealousy. They’ll decide, well done the 12-13 thousand regulars but the rest have almost been given their ticket. I get that certainly in Blackburn’s and PNE’s cases, they would love to have our normal numbers but let’s not get giddy about folk turning out at £5 & £10 per ticket. The next home game will be the measure, not this one. Especially if we remain unbeaten at Sunderland next week and Charlton a week Tuesday.
  8. I was too. As I said, I’d found their thread entitled “Bolton” and posted on here. Now I’ve read it it really does seen decent football fans have the game at heart rather than petty rivalries.
  9. Following @SatanGreavsieposting a link to Derbycountyways meltdown following reports of their impending administration. I had a glance through to see what their collective opinions of our similar impending doom. I haven’t read through it yet. https://dcfcfans.uk/topic/31962-bolton/
  10. I’m fairly sure the bars used to be run by whoever was running the hotel catering. Either deVeres or Paul Heathcote. This meant a fully trained and qualified catering manager would be responsible for stocking, staffing, (including training), etc. Obviously there will still be a BWFC employee who will have taken responsibility for these areas but if they’ve been employed to run the hotel, they may have decided matchday catering is secondary to the efficient running of the hotel catering. After all, it’s only open once or twice a fortnight. As an aside, and perhaps @victor meldrew could be my consultant here, If a bar is open 7 days a week it’s usual for that bar to have a weekly beer-line cleaning regime. What if it only opens once or twice a fortnight? I don’t reckon they’d be cleaning beer-lines after every game which, if your next game is in two weeks, is required.
  11. 23 mins Afolyon Firefighters Charity
  12. Four or five tubes of Pringles would potentially hide four or five cans of lager. Perhaps.
  13. Bit of a melee at the Stoke v Barnsley game. 2 coaches red carded. I reckon more will follow as the guy who threw the first punch didn’t get punished.
  14. I didn't say ESL was exclusively for... I get there are others who aren't Johnny Concrete but I maintain my view, they are there and they are plentiful.
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