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  1. 7 shots on target according to the stats. And if “unwavering support” means Bolton fans flicking the players two fingers as they came over then we have a different understanding of the term.
  2. Yes, another Wigan thread but not specific to the game. But what a set of classless wankers they are. I don’t ever recall in 50 years of watching Bolton, an opposition player cheered, gloatingly, when removed from the pitch on a stretcher. CLASSLESS! Then their players cupping their ears towards us in ‘celebration’. CLASSLESS! Horrible set of cunts!
  3. The pitch on the corner of Deepdale Road which used to be part of Withins school is always falling foul of kids in quad bikes and occasionally adults. And regarding New House Farm, some of the worst damage was caused by folk on horseback who just saw them as open parkland.
  4. Which one? The one accused of Islamophobia or the one who, along with his cunt of a dad, crippled our club almost to the point of extinction?
  5. I’m not blaming him for all four goals I’m pointing out that perhaps WS63’s statement that he wasn’t to blame for any of the goals we conceded was, in my opinion, incorrect.
  6. I reckon blaming the ref for giving a free kick for a fuck-all tackle which led to Blackpool’s first goal might be one.
  7. Yet I can get pissed with the best of them but rarely feel the need to have a scrap. I’m very much a friendly drunk. I wan’t to be pals with everyone. Others can be angry drunks and just wan’t to show others how super-hard they are.
  8. So what they desire is something akin to an alcohol-free adult youth club. The issue with that is, when they kick off, it’s always been easiest to blame someone’s inability to drink responsibly. What do you blame it on if they didn’t drink?
  9. Absolutely this. A couple of hours of football to break up a decent drinking session. Tuesday night won’t get that.
  10. Definitely seems like all the teams in the league have found our soft underside and will now try to exploit it with a high and aggressive press. Hopefully class will show through but we certainly don’t get a head start because these muppets have no history.
  11. to think, mid-1980s coaches would turn up dropping folk off for a night out in Bolton, such was the guaranteed great night.
  12. Called in Yates’ Wine Lodge last night on my way through town. There was me, MrsD and about 6 or 7 others. 8 or 9 folk in a pub on Bradshawgate! Rewind thirty years you wouldn’t be getting served for the first 15 minutes such was the quantity of people in there.
  13. Santos - Oi, don’t fucking hoof it up the pitch. Coleman - Why not? Santos - Because the gaffer says it’s my job!
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