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  1. The ref in this Huddersfield v Stoke game is having a stinker. Missed as obvious a red card and penalty (separate incidents) as you’re ever likely to see. Both would have been in favour of Stoke.
  2. MickyD


    Quelle surprise
  3. Sickened for you or fashionably sickened on behalf of others? 😀
  4. Remind me. It must've been good to beat his second cup semi final free kick also against villa but at home.
  5. “Won’t watch them while <Venkys/Mowbray/strange shade of blue on shirt/not Premier League>* *Delete if not appropriate
  6. MickyD


    That’s exactly what I meant. Mac fans will be embracing the fact they’re a massive fish in a small pond. Possibly outnumbering the opposition fans at away games. MickyD
  7. Obviously this one then.
  8. MickyD


    Without me having to Google, how many home fans have they lost? I’d like to think if Bolton had suffered a similar fate we’d still have a loyal support of 3-4k all making the point about it being passion, not fashion.
  9. That may have happened but i thought he'd started playing in on-line tournaments. Fake money at first but realised it isn't realistic. He then took the plunge and started playing for real money.
  10. I had £60 of travelodge vouchers to spend before February so Morecambe it is. It’s just a place to kip anyway
  11. A hotbed of Wanderers support.
  12. Last home game I showed the person checking my vaccine status the back of my phone. He waived me through.
  13. And who knew Cape Verde was: A. Pronounced Cape Verd B. An autonomous country
  14. Train and hotel booked. Up Friday back Sunday. Should be fun.
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