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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Are you the Nottinghamshire based Wanderer who asked the oft spoke of question about re-rubbering a cricket bat handle?
  2. Happy to have been able to help.
  3. Couple of lads from school were there at the same time. Neil Wharmby and his younger brother, Julian, Ian Coupe
  4. How are we going to catch Birmingham if they're being lenient?
  5. Gonzo used to collect them until I gave him a box full and his wife bollocked him.
  6. I'm no longer sure of the selection criteria. Has it changed from plays for United, City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs or Arsenal?
  7. I really an struggling to be enthused for tonight's game. Imagine if you'd already got tickets to see it live after that shit-show on Friday.
  8. Let someone know on here and we'll try to make sure Ray is attending whichever game you're going to.
  9. The big problem for most is, had he been sold to Wolves or Everton or some other less fashionable team he wouldn’t be picked. First criteria certainly seems to be who you play for way before how you’re currently playing.
  10. Or is the “not many haven’t been” clue about a certain game where everyone claims to have been despite the crowd being around 2k
  11. Ray is still involved in the game. See him a lot at at Bradshaw.
  12. I see Plymouth v Ipswich is a 12.30 ko. Is it for the savings?
  13. You’ll not make that mistake again, will you? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  14. But surely you set off at a time to suit. Be honest, apart from the ‘upheaval’ of having to get out of your pit a bit earlier, it really makes no difference. In fact, you’d probably gain some time by the early start.
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