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  1. Emergency service drivers (Police, Fire & Ambulance) drive at the risk of their own licence for no extra pay. Whilst there are certain exemptions driving to an emergency, the way you drive must still be without danger to others. Maybe the camera footage indicated plenty of “reasons” to terminate the chase which were ignored. I’ve no doubt a police driver has a bit of ego which leads to them taking extra risk. A very dangerous precedence if he gets found guilty of anything at all in that other police drivers may hand in their driving qualification if their police forces d
  2. How about changing to Spot the Tatt. Pictures of girls with a single tattoo covered by the 1-100 board. We get to locate the tatt. Each game could run until first person picks the right square.
  3. Angleterre - nil point
  4. Or an ice cream van. Or a grocery shop. Or, looking at court reports, drug dealing. Common denominator = mostly cash payments.
  5. You’ve misunderstood the term, ‘dogging’.
  6. He lived in Harwood. Got a couple of season ban and I don’t think he’s been since.
  7. You're supposed to deposit used toilet paper in a bin in Crete. Does anyone actually do that?
  8. I can't think of anywhere taking more than a single bus to town centre.
  9. I’m not disagreeing with you. Just pointing out that time lost during normal play is assessed at a different level than time lost during added time.
  10. That’s fine but if, over 45 minutes of football, only 4 minutes is added, how can that 4 minutes generate a further 2 minutes?
  11. RUR2R, surely all of the above is exactly why we have players/agents negotiations. Player/agent - I want £5k a week like I was on at my last club. IE - We won’t pay you that and neither will they. That’s why you got released P/A - well what will you pay me? IE - £3k a week P/A - I think I’m worth more IE - well good luck finding more but if you walk out of this office without agreeing £3k then it’ll be £2k when you come back. Take it or leave it. That’s how it works isn’t it?
  12. MickyD


    Birtenshaw farm has been plagued with kids lighting fires lately. Just looked on FB. Someone says it’s nearer St Johns School.
  13. Things in life to get annoyed about... Someone referring to a PA system as a tannoy is very low on my list.
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