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  1. Fucking hell, don’t bump into each other for years then three times in the weekend!
  2. MickyD

    MK Dons (H)

    Did it kick off after the game? Seemed fairly peaceful prior.
  3. Plenty of the hotel/casinos in Las Vegas had small ‘shops’ where you can go in and sniff 100% oxygen for a while. They also offer intravenous drips of saline to boost your ability to stay awake. Madness, I tell thee!
  4. I have complete trust that if an expert says life will be better if I have the jab then I’ll have the jab.
  5. MickyD

    MK Dons (H)

    Harvester is going to manic next week with double today’s crowd. Apparently, they forgot to book the door staff today.
  6. You need a quick spelling lesson. It’s C U N T
  7. Dr Feelgood, go and stand in the corner. You accused SirNat’sDog’s favourite team of being from a pub league and Rudy got the blame and got called a twat.
  8. What do you identify as fan base? United have millions who claim to support them. Does that equate to a fan base of millions? Back in the day at Burnden you were either Rangers or Celtic based on Protestant or Catholic. Does that equate to size of fan base? As a Protestant I always looked for a Rangers win in an Old Firm game. Rangers v anyone else; not arsed. I never bought a Rangers shirt or any other Rangers merchandise or attended a game. But I did shout “Rangers” in turn. Did this add me to Rangers’ fan base?
  9. Because he knows better than a shitload of research scientists, doctors and other health professionals.
  10. Triathlon relay… fucking brilliant!
  11. 17th Minute Sarcevic RNLI
  12. And last night was Yorkshire Firefighters. An absolute shit-show of how not to deal safely with fires. One of the watches in Bradford prides itself as having an all female crew. In London, Soho Fire Station has an all Black & Ethnic Minority crew. Could someone explain to me how grouping women or BEM crews together helps diversity? It’s almost tantamount to pigeonholing.
  13. Strange you use the ‘will’ when with a slightly more positive slant you could’ve used might, could or may. Says a lot about you as a person. Bet you can’t wait to pour scorn on everything happening during the new season. edit = Oh, you’ve already written Evert off as a manager so why would you like him to test his managerial skills?
  14. Yes but give them some respect. They were up against an assortment of letters! The mighty Midtjylland. Never heard of them!
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