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  1. It’s the hope that kills you.
  2. I'm no expert on Bury FC but during their winding up period didn't they suddenly announce a new buyer but it turned out to be stalling tactics? I really can't see anything different here. Tick tock!
  3. Went to Norbreck Castle for a works do one December probably about 15 years ago. Christmas Dinner, disco, free bar, bed and all you can eat breakfast. Thirty pounds. There were nine of us in one room though.
  4. MickyD


    It’s what Sky Sports are now latching onto. Thing is, I’ve ended up stood fairly close to him at away games; he’s actually a nice lad and you’d struggle to find a more openly enthusiastic Bolton fan.
  5. And the real beauty is, they have another June payday lingering yet.
  6. Is this a good time to mention Cheryl Cole’s romance with a young lad she mentored during X Factor called Liam Payne? Payne was 14 when he was mentored as potentially a part of One Direction. They had a son together 10 years later. All perfectly legal other than the fact they met whilst he was below the age of consent. I’m not for a minute defending Phillip Schofield but there certainly appears to be a whole different way of looking at things when the lad is the child. We’ve all heard anecdotes about pupil/teacher relationships but even then, a male teacher with a female pupil is seen as a lot worse than the opposite way round.
  7. If you gave me £1000 and I paid for £1000 pounds worth of football shirts at, conservatively, £25 each it’d buy you 40 shirts. Each shirt retails at (for ease of maths) £50 so 100% profit. Taxman wants 40% leaving plenty enough to give you your 8% and still keep a healthy, albeit reduced by your cut, profit… I think.
  8. Recently countersigned a passport application for the child of a family friend. Before signing, I checked my qualification to sign as a retired fireman. All was ok. I found out, however that, “anyone of good standing in the community” is an acceptable signatory. Strangely, this isn’t on the list of acceptable signatories for provisional drivers licenses.
  9. I’m fairly sure Emma Watson won GQ Magazine’s Rear of the Year on or shortly after her 16th Birthday.
  10. Are they standing outside Wigan Market rattling buckets?
  11. It’d work if ours and Liverpool’s were exactly the same quality. They’ll be training together; if one is a much higher standard than the other, they get the gloves.
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