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  1. Things in life to get annoyed about... Someone referring to a PA system as a tannoy is very low on my list.
  2. When you say you’re “Going to take a Hazmat” Do you know that’d be a really bad thing, not a good thing?
  3. Or finding a Pie Shop also sells sandwiches, pasties, cakes and bread?
  4. Does someone hoovering with anything but a Hoover similarly piss you off?
  5. https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/online-services/find-nhs-number/
  6. Keep building on land which used to act as a soak-away and you stop anything soaking away. The whole of middlebrook is a prime example. Once al field, now all tarmac.
  7. Watching ‘Meet the Richardsons’ on catch up. Very funny
  8. I know. It’s bobbins that we started sew early.
  9. Isn’t it the norm that whenever America backs one team thousands of miles away then Russia backs the other? Bet some Red Army General is packing his bags to go selling Palestine some better armaments.
  10. At what thickness does string become rope?
  11. I reckon there are plenty folk who post in this thread who will buy at least a couple of pairs.
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