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  1. Derik was doubtful wasn't he so had to make a change presumably.
  2. Be surprised if there's any more than 200 there. How many Travel Club coaches going?
  3. Should be a category D game this too, you'd imagine.
  4. If it makes us feel better about not selling out, Wolves have sold 2k for their televised derby with Birmingham tomorrow. I know they play each other regularly, but still.
  5. Grade A in Maths since you ask. The flaw in your argument is that the vast majority of our support are not kids or students. Your ticket buying habits aren't typical. And these 10 quid offers are another drop in the ocean. And we've not even mentioned the 3k or so, depending on the opposition, who are paying, in some cases £35 a ticket on the day.
  6. As hard as we tried, we simply couldn't make the maths add up. But if it makes people happier to keep quoting a figure that bears no relation to reality (or the reality for the vast majority of our support ie adults paying, at the very best, with a season ticket in the North lower about £14...but for others considerably more) then knock yourself out.
  7. Glad to see you've got your mojo back gonzo. And yes, if you've not got a ticket yet or you know others who haven't, get your arses 30 minutes up the road tomorrow. No reason we still can't fill the whole end with walk-ons. COYW, NLSWA, Supera fucking Moras.
  8. Not the old £10 ticket bollocks again. I asked about that after others had mentioned it and was told it was for groups of 10 or more - local kids' teams etc - and only for certain games, not category A etc etc. Apart from mentions on here I don't know a single person who gets these mythical golden tickets, let alone uses them for 70 per cent of games. Please spread the word if you know better.
  9. Why not piss in the wind while we're at it? Isn't the point of marketing to boost sales - not to have zero effect? Do we want to try to tempt more people along (and yes I know winning football will do that, but it doesn't mean we do fuck all until we get some)...or not? If not, then save ourselves some more money and let's not have a marketing team. It's just piss poor, like the website, compared with loads of other clubs who haven't got the infrastructure we've (still) got.
  10. How many half season tickets do you reckon the club are expecting to sell...having priced them dearer, per match, than a full one? If people weren't tempted in the summer, what makes them think they're going to want to pay more now, after the start we've had? Is somebody actually being paid to come up with shit like this?
  11. I'm talking adult prices - yes clubs have started to do more for juniors and students etc. If you think adult prices are cheaper now than 15 years ago then you must be the only person who does. Why the 20's plenty campaign and others...not cos prices are falling!
  12. That's bollocks. Yes, away matches are understandably lower in the Championship than the Prem, but prices are way higher now than 15 years ago. I found a ticket stub the other day from Anfield in 2003 - it was £23...about half of what it would cost now. Not many people's wages have doubled in that time. Apart from anyone connected to football.
  13. Where did you get those figures from? They contradict what the club themselves say...unless some of those 11k season tickets are given away - something I find hard to believe. As someone who's had 25 season tickets I can honestly say I've never been offered any freebies.
  14. We certainly don't give thousands away. According to ticket office we had just under 11k season ticket holders for this season. It is what it is. Burnley's support has been piss poor in recent years - they were getting 12k at start of this season having just come down from the Prem. Win a few games and they're up to about 15 or 16k now. That false dawn under Freedman at end of 2012-13 saw our crowds go up a fair bit...25k for the Blackpool match. The same will happen again when we turn the corner.
  15. Me too. We're not there yet though, and like I say, if it's pay on the day that'll boost it. I'm surprised you were convinced we wouldn't take 5k gonzo - we always did to Wigan, certainly first few times even for shit ko times, and even last few seasons 4 or 4.5k. Our away support has generally held up very well this past 4 awful years - and is definitely better than Blackburn's. These things sometimes come in cycles tho - Boro's used to be decidedly average and now they're taking loads everywhere. Something to shout about always helps, mind.
  16. Hate Chelsea, but the thought of Delilah dying in several thousand throats is quite satisfying. Fuck off Stoke, you couldn't even make the most of our charity and go on and win the fucker (for the first time in your history).
  17. We always seem to have a lot of people deciding last minute - plenty times at Wigan we filled the 5k away end with loads of pay on the dayers. Hopefully there'll be that option on Sat, unlike at Burnley and Huddersfield. It's hardly a surprise there's hardly the same clamour for tickets we might have expected in August. Christ, that summer optimism I allowed myself to feel seems a long way off now. NLSWA.
  18. 14k home fans, Casino. For a team that's won one in 18. Don't understand why you insist on slagging off our support. And 4 mates of mine paid 30 quid today for the privilege. Please let me know where these 3 quid tickets are on offer. Utter bollocks.
  19. And only Everton are bigger out of that lot, Malcolm. I agree gonzo that a full blooded rivalry needs to be a mutual thing - and we've not had that with United since the late 50s. The reason we struggled to sell out at OT in the last few years of the Prem tho was to do with folk not wanting to stump up 40 quid plus to see us get dicked on. And tomorrow Ewood will only be two thirds full for the biggest game of the year for both clubs...not because the passion has gone but because it costs an arm and a leg, it's on telly and if you're a Burnley fan you have to come on a club coach, you've no choice. Fuck that.
  20. Less of the small club. Outside of the big city clubs we're Lancashire's biggest.
  21. Hull v Huddersfield? That's a new one on me.
  22. If social media had existed in 1987 there'd have been several premature stress-related deaths on here. We've been through a lot worse. We'll pull through. NLSWA.
  23. They reckon it'll probably be pay on the day - so 5k I reckon...especially after we beat Leeds.
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