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  1. 3,700...but can have whole end - 5k or so I think.
  2. 2,500 sold now...what better pick me up than our first away win in months in front of a sold out, pissed up away end. NLSWA.
  3. And Hayden White was presumably not coming into work for free...and he's now off the books...Trotter is on his way isn't he - another 10k a week. None of this can be used to buy the striker (not somebody whose time has been and gone or whose time will never come) that we should have signed in the summer? And which we've been told is about to happen every week for the past 2 months? Lennon must be as sick of saying the same shit week after week as we are of having to hear it.
  4. So without the Ream money we'd have gone to the wall? Is that what we're really saying? If not, there should be some to spend on attempting to stop a rot that will cost us a shit load more if it's not stopped. And as you've said, we've brought several defenders in who are presumably being paid something - so we have got some money to spend.
  5. Wolves lost at home to Brentford. Fucking crazy league this.
  6. I do think the fans who turn up (and I was pleasantly surprised that there weren't far off 14k there last night) should be applauded for the way they've taken the pain this last 4 years (including the last few months under Lenny). Even last night there were only muted boos at half time and full time, and, round me certainly, the groans at misplaced passes have been kept to a minimum. I reckon the players would have received a lot harsher treatment at plenty of other clubs in our predicament.
  7. I was trying to take the positives, and I'm not moaning now, I'm just stating facts. I admit, relegation had never crossed my mind until this week, but the table tells its own story. This is getting to be as bad as our two previous worst starts in our history. And unless something changes fast we're in danger of being cut adrift. As I said though, I really think there is enough in this squad - used properly - and strikers apart, to be nearer the top than the bottom. Which is why we can't afford not to get a striker in.
  8. The lack of a striker is affecting the whole team I think. There's a complete lack of confidence that any of our approach play is likely to lead anywhere. I really think that if we could sort that out then we have enough in the other areas of the team to be ok. Of course that means playing the right players in the right places, dropping some and bringing others back...and Lenny has got his selections wrong for me in the last couple of games. I'm hoping that's simply him desperately trying to find the right formula, rather than that he's caught Freedmanitis. So either the club spend some of the thousands that NL has saved from the budget in the past few months (or dip into the 2 million quid they just took off Fulham for Ream) or Gartside has the balls to come out and finally level with the fans and tell us what his plan is. Actually, it's not an either or - he needs to do the latter anyway, because at the minute, unless something changes fast, we're only heading one way.
  9. I'm quick to chuck shite at individuals I think have mismanaged us into this sorry state, but let's not go over that again. I'm just not clear what good all this negativity is doing. As one of those who's kept going through the darkest of dark times (like plenty more on here), I'll keep supporting. I'll also keep on at others to do the same - as I have plenty of times on here, encouraging people to get their lapsed mates back on board. I just don't think feeling sorry for ourselves or indulging some kind of inferiority complex is the answer, is all.
  10. The ticket office told me in the summer we had just under 11k season ticket holders. I reckon crowds have held up remarkably well, all things considered. Apart from the false dawn of that play-off push under DF 2 and a half years ago we've been hanging round the bottom of the table for 4 years now. And I'm not sure what slagging off our fanbase achieves either.
  11. Leeds do and it's not working for them. Sunderland have 40k every week. What you spend has a far bigger bearing on where you finish.
  12. Prices for Boro fans in the League Cup at Old Trafford are between £45 and £55...with even under 21s being between about £35 and £40 I think. If/when we do ever go back up, I'm not sure I'll bother with aways - those kinds of prices are a fucking piss take. In fact I'd stopped going to Old Trafford the last couple of years in the Prem as it was when they went over 40 quid - and ditto Anfield. Mad fucking Boro fans have sold 8,600 though and asked for another 1400! And there's the rub I guess, until people stop paying, they'll keep charging what they think they can get away with. Well count me well and truly out.
  13. This hasn't kicked in yet - they've already sold the 4K plus that they were given. Win tomorrow and let's get a decent atmosphere for Saturday. And dispel some of the doom and gloom.
  14. Casino, agreed on the centre halves - what was up with Prince y'day? I'd much rather have his pace - Dervite was shown up a bit by Gray. And I reckon Amos is as good as Bogdan, with the potential to get better - and he'll be on considerably less than Bogdan's agent was presumably demanding once Liverpool were in the market for him.
  15. Win on Tuesday and I can see us going on a run. The three after are all winnable. In 3 weeks time things could look a whole lot better.
  16. It's fucking depressing reading some of the stuff on here. We lost against a side who will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season. A side who've spent a lot more on one striker than we've spent since we got relegated. We were the better team for 30 mins until Spearing went off (which does beg the question why he's been on the bench so much ahead of, say, Danns?). We played some decent stuff - as we have in virtually every game this season. Casado looked a quality player - to go along with an entire defence (Prince, Derik, Pisano and Amos) which Lenny has brought in for fuck all, and who are all better than the players they've replaced - and on a fraction of the wages. The problem is that shopping in the bargain basement for strikers buys you Madine, Dobbie and an ex England international whose best days were 15 years ago. That's what our manager is having to work with. He doesn't get every tactical decision right (in my humble opinion, eg why no Clayton y'day?), but which manager does? We'll be fine. We won't go down. Get behind the team - starting on Tuesday - and stop with all the fucking moaning. Those who were there in 1986-87 know that this team is nothing like that one.
  17. Best pitch invasion ever for me that. Though I imagine Ewood '78 takes some beating. Another one is long overdue. And no spikes to negotiate now like the days in the Paddock. We were committed pitch invaders in those days.
  18. Feeney won't ever get stick from me. If a few more players had put as much effort in as him over the last few years we wouldn't be where we are now.
  19. It's the fact he's a lazy fucker who just doesn't seem arsed that pisses me off most. He's got talent, he can use the ball well, got a great shot on him but just doesn't put the effort in - Liverpool game as mentioned being a case in point. Perfectly happy taking home half a million pounds a year from us though. Another of Dougie's gifts to us.
  20. Yeah, a Wanderers fan, as plenty were and a few still are round that neck of the woods.
  21. My only visit was for a defeat on the plastic pitch in 92 - Chic Charnley played. It's weird how I'm in double figures for visits to places much further away - like Wolves.
  22. 10k I was told, by a reliable source. What an appalling waste of money his time here has been.
  23. It's two and a half weeks away, I'm surprised we've sold that many before open sale to be honest. Especially with Burnley still to come. Get some points over the next 3 games and we'll need the max allocation I reckon. If not, we should still sell what we have. Loads of folk who only pick the odd game a season are up for this.
  24. Yeah, that was a good one...especially when prefaced with how he was trying to "educate" us.
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