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  1. Obvs there's still a chance next week but if it's not meant to be then I'd prefer an early Derby goal, so we don't go all out to try and win by a few, because we should save that kind of performance for a possible playoff final rematch, though something tells me Peterborough won't win twice at Wembley in a season. even finishing 4th v an out of form Barnsley may better than an in form like Lincoln or Blackpool. we will be faves but we miss too many chances and are inconsistent this 2024 so it's not a given in any game really.
  2. Pompey denied a clear pen at the end but there was an handball in the lead up to their 2nd goal. Derby fans will be looking at the table and thinking yeah Bolton still have Portsmouth and if it does come down to last day, they will have a more than likely relegated side at home whilst we have a an away game v Peterborough and we know how poor results are for Bolton in those kind of away games.
  3. Created enough to get that goal difference back to level or so, stupid 2nd goal to give away and Dempsey's miss could be critical, 5 goals so it's hard to nit pick too much Another hat trick for a Bolton player this season and could have been way more than 5, even though Reading looked dangerous especially 2nd half. A big Pompey win would be great.
  4. Another game we lose after missing a glorious chance, now massively relying on favours.
  5. That 4th goal was wonderfully crafted, really awesome performance, other games didn't go our way but we improved our goal difference and if Derby need Reading to go down to 10 men to win, we surely can go there and get something.
  6. Champions League standard pass form GT there!
  7. Next up Exeter who are in bad form and we beat 7 zip, Barnsley have Lincoln who have 10 from 12 and 4 clean sheets, Derby away to Bristol Rovers who just beat Stevenage 3-2 away after being 2-0 down. i
  8. That could be massive, can't believe JDB missed at the end, looked like it a was a simple side foot, their time wasting didn't deserve a win, their goalkeeper was allowed to hold the ball for far too long and get away with all sorts of wasting antics. cut out the mistakes and sitters, we go up.
  9. If it's not us gifting teams goals, it's us missing sitters, costing us points, so many passes/long balls/goal kicks/throws going out for throw ins too and even if it does get to Adeboyejo it's a lottery if it'll stick and we keep possession. knew as soon as Thomason got a booking that it'll take away part of his game, maybe his head full of he can't foul anymore instead of fully concentrating, maybe his right footed goal gave him confidence to use it in that situation but it's no excuse.
  10. What a final that was, so many chances, big saves, red card not given, 2 goals ruled out, over 40 shots combined and with their stars out Chelsea couldn't beat them, that will hurt them big time, Gallagher will not sleep well tonight.
  11. De Bruyne would have been trending if he played that ball Sheehan did and a great finish from CMG, difficult to hit like that as it comes down thinking that guy who assaulted Iredale should see more than 3 out, purposely attacking another player is different to a bad tackle
  12. Thankfully the table doesn't look as bad as it could have, hit the post, hit the bar, mad goal mouth pinball near end all with 10 men. dare to say we would have won with 11, no more reds now please, especially tackles like that, stop making it harder for ourselves.
  13. Shit like this happens so often shirt pulls, purposely swiping the legs of a player in the clear of you or literally wrestling/wrapping hands round their waste to stop them, quite frustrating when it happens against you, but often called a smart foul, pretty cowardly too tbh.
  14. Drawn to Rep of Ireland, Greece and Finland in Nations League.
  15. A lot of good chances today but an own goal was all we got which is fine, thought Cogley was outstanding, a real handful, a brilliant turn to set of JDB near the end and a quality control to bring the ball down from the sky showed his talent, up and down that flank all game and set up the o.g.
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