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  1. Home to Salford in 1st round of Carabao Cup.
  2. You can't be serious, one of the wort decisions ever in football, should be overturned by UEFA
  3. disgrace this, losing 3-0 to Hungary and 0 goals again.
  4. Bowen as been useless so far like most
  5. Didledee


    That's got to be extremely rare for a team scoring 550 odd in an innings ends up losing, was great entertainment, positive signs, but still some weaknesses, really want Archer to get back and fit.
  6. 0 goals from open play in 3 games, what a waste of time
  7. Good to see a new face (recent era) in the Prem just like Brentford last year, having these yo-yo teams like Fulham and Norwich going up and down is rather boring. shite from the var and ref like
  8. 9 out of 10 games Liverpool win comfortably, it was Courtois having a special game that prevented Liverpool from winning, would you have admired Real's defence had Courtois not kept them from losing by 3 or so goals? A lot of guts to fight back in previous round but in each game their defence as conceded umpteen chances and they've been so lucky, such an underwhelming winner, but again admire their fighting spirit.
  9. I wouldn't say a team who relied on the heroics of Courtois defended well.
  10. 4 matches (rounds) in a row they've been outplayed and still found a way to win
  11. Balotelli who set up City's title winner 10 years ago, is doing this today in Turkey
  12. Ramsey's technique for his missed pen was awful big chance right before pens will haunt Rangers.
  13. Klopp's now won everything and will win many more.
  14. Another great 0-0 final from these two, numerous chances for each side.
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