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  1. That was a mood lifter, despite Maguire and Pope.
  2. Should be a couple up or so up, Sterling poor finishing and poor passes from Foden meaning we have another half with 0 goals. No confidence whatsoever with Pope in goal when we play it around the back near him
  3. If Dixon would have saved a pen or two, IE may be more inclined to play him and ruin our future cup games, we got away with a draw tonight, but he can't be trusted, as proven when he's been given game time since Trafford came in.
  4. Got to be one of the worst keepers Bolton have had, he doesn't know where his goal is, every game he messes up
  5. Peterborough looked okay first half of the 1st half but 6 losses in a row and 0 shots on goal (closest they got was probably when Trafford let the ball go under his boot in the first few minutes) they were lucky it finished only 1-0.. Thomason's passing was great and we looked really up for a battle, Bradley was excellent again I thought, despite his poor shot when put through
  6. New kits for WC if you've not seen them already.
  7. and now he's just took a kick (to the stomach), awful challenge from Collins not sure why he was complaining the red card
  8. That Cancelo cross and Haalands's finish was unreal.
  9. That cross from Iredale was world class, the shape of it reminded me of this ...
  10. Yeah my bad on that and he's talled than he looks too, looked dwarfed for those corners when he was crowded.
  11. I don't understand why he's been brought in vs a Prem team, he had to be replaced by Gilks first season, last season he messed up v Hartlepool when given a chance and tonight he's done this, that third goal was truly woeful. Hard to see Trafford coming back for a third season, so we need him to stay fit and a new goalkeeper scouted for the future.
  12. goalies don't need to be rested, he's too small and rubbish.
  13. 1 and 1 but would be 1 and 3 if the black shirt didn't have those white lines creating shapes all over it. The pink dots/splatters/James Webb telescope design on number 2 away makes it look unappealing imo.
  14. 2nd half, they had a freekick whipped in that was headed just wide, then later on they had another one that they won but it was a tame header on target but was easy for Trafford to jump and collect.
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