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  1. The people at work aren't Wanderers fans, mostly. They're more ordinary football fans who listen to what's reported on Talkshite and 5live. And the ones on the bus back to the car park are rough, sweaty hairy arsed builders. Anyhow, they were the ones laughing at us.
  2. Just about everyone I've spoken to has been impressed with the club's about turn. I took quite a bit of stick earlier in the week for having Quick Quid associated with us - them choosing to sponsor a team whose fans were most likely to need their services & being stupid enough to take a loan at those sort of interest rates was mentioned a few times.
  3. Unless they plan on killing everyone who took it out...
  4. Ah well, Harker & Howarth always kicked Booth's ass anyway.
  5. Anyway, the World Cup winners sacked off their announcer bloke for similar reasons, and got him back about a season or so later... http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/1849541299
  6. Some real fun on matchdays would be us winning 4-0 or more, not pre-match entertainment (unless it involves handing out decent cash that doesn't have to be given back)
  7. I believe both Reading and Brentford think they have the worst play-off records...
  8. Chelmsley Wood makes Johnson Fold look classy.
  9. BT and Orange both refused to deal with my friend, who was executor, to close accounts when her mum died as they insisted on speaking to the account holder. It was as if nobody had ever died before.
  10. Which team was it that you suggested should have 3 keepers on the bench?
  11. Yes, I know that he was Barcelona manager and that he was moving to Bayern. What I don't get is the whole Go Figure phrase. Why not say something in English, rather than a rather ugly and aggressive, rude sounding, Americanism? Comprende?
  12. Most of the above, plus when we missed out in 76 & 77, that felt a lot worse (but I was young then...)
  13. Exiled Girl


    I notice that the children are in tears...
  14. Yes. My mum got one for Christmas & she hasn't been able to use it when she goes to the cricket
  15. That was last year, and Horwich got our custom, and Waterstones. Didn't even get offered a pot noodle by ma. No, February. Cold but sunny.
  16. I've climbed over the roof of the Bel Air
  17. Not going, 2 reasons. 1) Playing tennis 2) Already been to Bolton once this year
  18. I don't actually understand what you mean by that. Pep had a word with Barcelona to roll over for Bayern?
  19. There was once a reference in some paper to Horwich International Airport that got me quite excited. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a typo for Norwich
  20. But the English league is the best in Britain, right?
  21. Are you suggesting that the Scottish or NI 1st division is better than the English one? !
  22. Aldershot confirmed back to the Conference, ha. And Wimbledon stay up, even better.
  23. Depends if his current neighbours want rid
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