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  1. 14 minutes ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

    Only 10 Bolton players in the pre-game honour line-up at 3.40.

    Could be a host of reasons, just wondering who, or why, is missing.

    Santos was on the touchline placing a wreath

  2. Legacy is the first word that came to my mind and I see lots of people have already used it. When he set up wways from rivals HW couldn't have known what it would have become.

    I've made some close friends through wways over almost the last 20 years of my life, and lots of other people that I've enjoyed bumping into over the years too.  

    Thank you HW and RIP

  3. I really enjoy watching us under Evatt. I hope he sticks with his principles.

    We didn't strengthen much yet from a team that was built from scratch to play in league two - that is living within our means which is all everyone wanted.

    A top half finish and push on again next season would be great. Especially watching us pulls teams apart at times.

    We do need to stop conceding early because a lot of teams are exhausted against us be 70 mins, if we can improve defensively and keep patience with the style this will be a team to enjoy the next few seasons.

    Once the bawlers and moaners from NSL had left yesterday, the positive noise went up and the players got a boost.

  4. 8 hours ago, desperado said:

    Just seen 26 shots from Rotherham! And Lincoln have been one of the better sides I’ve seen so far this season. As you say makes it interesting Saturday. 

    And they rested a few players with the weekend in mind.

  5. 22 hours ago, Duck Egg said:

    Very fair account.  Pity he had to come across the bell end behaviour at the end of the match, considering he'd had a drink in Horwich with no problems.

    On that issue, did anyone else see the obviously Trans Oxford supporter walking down De Haviland way and up past Barnstormers after the match?  She had a wide brimmed floppy hat on and was sashaying down the road flicking very camp 'v' signs to Bolton cars tooting their horns.  She seemed to be spoiling for a response and ended up in a brief row with some old bloke.

    She got a parking ticket for parking on the pavement, saying the double yellows didn't apply on the pavement.  Was blaming every Bolton fan that walked past.

  6. If Forest Green play like the start of last season I think we might lose. If like the end of last season then 2-2 or 3-2 to us.

    Have listened to the Not the top 20 podcast (which I find to be pretty good) prediction show. They don't have us in the playoffs even. Think the favourites title is lazy on the back of Sarcevic and Doyle signings but they don't rate our squad after that at all. Also said Doyle couldn't score at Bradford with no service and they don't see where it'll come from for us.

  7. There's gonna be some gerrit forwards from the NSL when fans are back in and the short corners will not be popular.

    I like what we're trying to do so far but a few sloppy mistakes are giving Bradford the better chances.

  8. On 04/09/2020 at 06:56, gonzo said:

    Might be correct but it doesn't look right to me.

    Anyway, love all these whoppers writing this lad off pretending they know who he is.

    Who the fuck saw morecambe play last season?


    I did, saw them play Bradford

    Didn't realise he had played for them though :D


  9. I didn't read it as negative. Pretty balanced really. It included bits about how the EFL have been impressed with Brittan and James and how they're going quietly about their business.

    I found the bits about the hotel interesting didn't realise it was still in admin. Overall quite an informative piece.

  10. Strikes me the BN saw that the Athletic had researched and put out a well written story and they thought we better get a headline and quickly cobbled together story so that it looks like we're in touch.

  11. Interesting article in the athletic about conditions for fans attending again and one is none transferable tickets to allow government track and trace. Other things mentioned include staggered arrival times and no leaving a few minutes early as different sections of the ground need to be released at different times after the game. All this is going to be very difficult to enforce! But how effective the measures are will determine how big the capacity can be

  12. Sad to hear this news. Always had time for a chat, especially if I'd travelled to a game on my own.

    Was part of the Budapest to Belgrade bus, was good to spend time with him then.

    @SatanGreavsie, can we have the story from one of the Euro trips where he was telling a story about Tadeusz Nowak. I'll let you do the punchline.

  13. We have to be punished for both those games. Last season we didn't fulfill a fixture and this season, we can't just pick and choose when we play. They should also be hefty punishments. I hope they are all applied this season and we can begin next season with a blank canvas

  14. We could do with a couple of home games this week so 25,000 people could donate £20, that would be a good start at least. I feel timing isn't on our side, no income for 4 weeks unless they sell STs which won't happen.

    Last Saturday really was the last chance to prove the club could be saved.

  15. 1 minute ago, burnden said:

    That was bloody hard to watch .  

    That's my verdict too. They need to get season tickets on sale swiftly. Will be difficult to get motivated for the winter Tuesday nights

  16. 50 minutes ago, Mounts Kipper said:

    I don’t understand why boo hoo interested in the hotel as a stand alone business, it’s either a back door to owning everything lock stock and barrel, the conundrum is what they do with it if they get it. 

    They have a property investment business for clients. Lots of the Manchester TV stars etc I guess. They'll just be looking for a return on investment which the hotel will deliver based on the different models that have been discussed on here yesterday

  17. 2 minutes ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

    It’s costly and unfortunately some will have to pick and choose home games it all adds up, it just highlights how important the payment plans are for our support 

    but like you say at least we are still around 

    The payment plans have been important but also the season tickets have been really good value. £21 a pop in North lower becomes £483 for the season, significantly more than last season's ticket. It will be tough to maintain crowds on the much inflated costs. Even more so for the kids tickets.

  18. 7 minutes ago, Casino said:

    I quote

    They could get a hearing tmrw if they also apply to abridge service

    I don't know what it means but it sounds good 

    Yes. Apparently the courts hold emergency slots available for things like this, but will FV want to pay it? Yet another expense. Or could the administrator justify the expense themselves

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