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  1. Missed it on Friday will have to watch the repeat. Casino, was the sparking plug filmed at that garage next to the Sparking Clog in Radcliffe?
  2. Obviously well regarded by other footy fans as well http://boards.rivals.net/default.asp?sid=1...ytoid=536033826 RIP
  3. Surely he will be the first referee to have a police escort coming on to the pitch and probably in the warm up as well.
  4. Looks like this one needs a little advice. http://boards.rivals.net/default.asp?sid=8...ytoid=536040850 Widnes, can you help him?
  5. Think peeping tom is to do with Lady Godiva and Coventry. Think he copped an eyeful as she rode past. =P~
  6. You should fit on one of those seats over the far side Satan.
  7. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...7109846501&rd=1
  8. Or it could mean its very serious - and didn't wanna upset the players at half time. Here's hoping I'm wrong, and the lad's okay [-o< Five Live extra reports he is having extensive tests at the stadium now dueto his previous history they are being extra careful. He has been speaking with the medical staff. They also mentioned a calf strain but I can't see how that would make you collapse as dramatically as it sounds.
  9. It didn't work for me, couldn't have neen more wrong but I reckon it might work for a few on here http://www.holymoly.co.uk/personality.html
  10. More scum than Arsenal in my local and I live 30 mins south of london
  11. Rooney one wasn't a pen. The Ronaldo one was though i thought. Riley had an appaling game again. Horse and Ferdinand should both have been sent off first half.
  12. I'd disagree. I think he was missed. He quite often controls the pace of the game for us and if spurs had been half decent it might have been a different story today.
  13. Yep i'm in via Victoria then central line 8-[
  14. This vote swings it 3-2 for northampton. I could scramble back to Warwick that night so would suit down to the ground!
  15. 0-0, trust me on this one. Dunno the odds but it is destiny
  16. Bring back The Trotter Casino & Norwich are no worthy replacements
  17. I think stumpy on -4 should be above me on -4.25 as well, but you can leave it as it is as far as i'm concerned
  18. Can I change my vote I didn't read the question properly. I thought you were asking whether the play-offs are a good idea, and I think they are. However your actual question - don't be daft
  19. Dunno if you fishing Biffo but i'm gonna bite anyway. Farrelly did a job, was a massive player in getting us out of the first division. Now chuck me back in the water if you please.
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