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  1. But why did Nolan score somany goals this season Because of the service from Davies is my opinion. Wide player who could get 20 goals, get solksjaer playing in the wide/striker role. He played right wing a bit for scum last season. ??3million would be well worth it with some of the extra money from finishing 8th
  2. Shouldn't goal keepers also be judged on other attributes as well though. Such as crosses caught/dropped, kicking ability to name a few others.
  3. Do all these people in the poll want to do the job then? Or have they just been nominated?
  4. Yup, i'd like to see Milwall as well. Casino won't be happy though since he can't vote for his second club.
  5. I didn't say i hoped we would, just that I think we will.
  6. Don't think either will start. Usual back 4, Okocha for Frandsen wih Youri, Pederson and Davies as the most attacking 3 in Sam's usual formation
  7. I have been to all wanderers away games this season except Leeds Spurs Chelsea Blackburn We haven't won an away game i've been at since Sunderland last match, and these are the only ones i have missed in the league. So should I stop travelling
  8. 1. Don't pay council tax - get a fake nus and say you are a student 2. I don't have a TV honest 3. Pay gas bill tomorrow and you may just get the discount off your next one - thats what we did, anything to save money. 4. Looks like you'll have to do with the pressies then :-({|=
  9. I'll start this off, not as a defender - can't defend not as winger - we don't really use out and out wingers and he can't cross or pass
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