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  1. Read earlier Forest have sold out the upper tier and have requested the lower tier now, guess Ken needs the money, reducing ticket prices haven't increased home gates this season. Edit: I completely agree our on the day prices for away fans are shocking
  2. Any side not able to meaningfully invest in a squad will be around bottom of the league, was always going to be touch and go whether we stay up, and it is. The current structure and finances of the club mean we're likely to be around championship/league one position. No club with home crowds of around 10,000 has a given right to be in the championship these days, this is our level right now.
  3. Other than the penalty they should have had we've had the better of that. Good so far, well done Parky.
  4. As KA said we aren't in a position to compete with the big boys in this league and I'd even argue lots of the middle ones too. We have low income streams and low crowds so we absolutely need to trade our played well to compete. I think Madine has done well for us and we'll be worse without him but his price will never be higher so KA is right to sell.
  5. It's not just the bowling attack that is letting us down here. You can't be scoring 300 batting first on these decks, need to be pushing 450 at least. This England side isn't worth the hype they've been given the last couple of years but I get the feeling they think they are.
  6. Agree with Spider, we have to sell our players when their price is at its highest and Madine's has probably never been higher. We have to hope we can replace him cheaper/loan. It's always going to be the way competing against teams with much greater revenues than us, which is why KA warned us of this a few weeks ago.
  7. And as Ken would say they've got nearly 30k on, even with a small away following
  8. PP has played more different formations and set ups than any other manager I can remember. Every bad run we've had to date he has turned around, usually with a change in formation so I don't see the no plan B criticism of him at all.
  9. Not sure £20 is plenty to run a Championship club on though? Also not sure I'd get a season ticket if it was that obvious to me I was only saving £2 per game as I miss so many midweeks. I appreciate I might actually be only saving about £2 per game now but at least I'm blissfully unaware under the current system so keep my season ticket going.
  10. Indeed. Might get us a £3k/week loan signing for the rest of the season. Better than nothing I suppose.
  11. Ken's latest statement says nearly 100 half season tickets have been sold, the funds from which which will be used in the transfer window.
  12. Ridiculous, why does a 9 month year old need a mobile phone, world's gone mad
  13. Sorry to hear that, always enjoyed reading your posts where footy with your Grampa was clearly a highlight for you and your family.
  14. Only because Wright Philips got sent off. If he hadn't that would have been the only time I'd have seen us concede double figures.
  15. Which is difficult to do as a 20yo learning your trade
  16. It was the inconsistency in the judgements of our fans that used to annoy me. And Gardner's left back performance at the Etihad one time was worse than Alonso at Fulham
  17. Aye, me, you and I think Traf knew. The Duff game was bad but Fulham away FA cup was one of his early very good games and he still got slated. That was the day I realised how young players have it really difficult to break through at our club.
  18. Barely anyone wanted Alonso to stay, was the boo boy of that era, despite being about 20yo.
  19. Completely agree, so whilst I'd love him back, it doesn't really make much sense
  20. I'd love to have Clough back but not to do the wide role, high workrate based job Armstrong is having to do at the moment
  21. Two attacking teams, both playing on the front foot?
  22. Wed done plenty of professional game management which is why there was six minutes. The best one was when madine was down for two minutes, we had to give Fulham the ball back so kicked it out down the corner and pressed them right in. If we'd have scored from that their fans would not have been happy and if a team did it at ours there'd be a lot of abuse. We didn't lack game management or professionalism today.
  23. We are so much better organised than two years ago. Arguably we could have sat back last ten instead of taking Vela off for Alf but Vela was cooked so fair play to PP for not just bringing Derik or defender on. Fulham were a tough side to play against, move the ball very quickly and could have had a hatful on another day but we made chances too and hung on ahead bravely until the death. Definitely one of the better performances I've seen from us at Fulham.
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