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  1. Doesn't really make a difference to me. I'll read all posts when I have time and won't when I don't. On the splitting of the forums I did used to quite enjoy the way a post would change subject, a year or so ago, when there was just one forum but given the way things have been going of late the seperate forums are probably a good idea.
  2. Moved out properly last summer aged 21. I'd been at uni before that though so effectively moved out when I was 18. After the independence of that I would never have really wanted to move home again permanently anyway.
  3. Can't see Blair & Bush going for that given the outcry over doing the same in Iraq
  4. It's a funny one this. I'm really not fussed, will be good if he stays but don't think we'll suffer should he go
  5. Except this one, currently 3 below http://www.wanderersways.com/forum/viewtop...pic.php?t=15228 And don't even dare say you're fishing as I won'tbelieve you [-(
  6. Think Garp once said the same thing. Can't be arsed searching back though!
  7. Question: Who was the keeper he beat at the reebok on that clip? Also scored a lot against man u!
  8. I chose not to read this thread since it was addressed to undies.
  9. Peak Sports in Stockport, assuming it's still open.
  10. Funny one this! http://skysports.planetfootball.com/articl...e.asp?id=282447
  11. Just need some friday favourites now!
  12. Aye, cos when you went one up they probably have instructions to throw loads on so 4th official that decision. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Part of the advantage of being at home.
  13. ragging hell, it sounds like you want the cockney cunts too win Nah, they'll have won it before ko I reckon. Much rather they take the title than man u or arsenal though.
  14. Will Chelsea get the trophy at the reebok next Satday assuming they've won it by the end of the game. Was just thinking I wouldn't mind seing Eidur doing lap of honour with it!
  15. Hmmm, 10 mins from Gatwick or back to Bolton. I think not [-X
  16. http://www.bwfc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Ticke...~652531,00.html Maybe the decision is no longer for Mr Casino. I'm guessing we took a reduced allocation but should be a good following on Saturday now! :D/
  17. Only 25, there's another Juan for the future.
  18. hopefully 7th after the weekend's semis Call me fanzantan but I can really see Rovers getting lucky against Arsenal, us finishing 7th and them getting into Europe. Please don't let it happen [-o<
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