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  1. Piss take term. Like Paki or ...... Forget it. It’s just banter.
  2. Told you I’m always wrong.😊😅
  3. Because you use the phrase Gammon. It’s a stereotypical phrase used by some to categorise the type of people who voted out.
  4. Black Gammons? 😊 Used to play that a lot back in the day.
  5. Our next door neighbours are British People. Next to them are British People. Both families are of Indian decent. LW probably won’t believe this but they both voted for Brexit. Me, my wife and 2 sons all white with a heritage going back to King Harold voted to remain. If you look past stereotypes, you see the real people. The people who vote and make a difference.
  6. Never thought I’d hear someone questioning the use of the term British People. It’s a strange new world. Thankfully, these are the minority and they still don’t understand why they will remain so.
  7. When you hear the phrases The German people, The American People, The Czech People, The Spanish people etc. etc. Do you wonder why people say these things? Its a very strange a question to ask.
  8. Four in a row. For someone far away.
  9. I was in the Whites hotel a few years ago and he walked in with a huge entourage. Can anyone confirm that or was it a dream?
  10. Yep, hearing stuff that you couldn’t hear any where else was great. Origins of Northern Soul maybe?
  11. Always looked forward to the Wakes coming to LH. Originally on spare land behind Manchester Road, then on land where the the old Raven used to be. Soon as they turned up, we were there offering to help. Never got paid but it was great to be involved. Anyone who has ever been on a Waltzer will remember this tune.
  12. My first album so obviously biased towards my favourite track. Went to the Odeon to watch the film around the same time.
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