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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Loads of stuff on social media about our win at Wrexham on the last day in 88. Really disappointing that both the players and fans couldn’t recreate that memory. Having said that, who could have predicted, in 1988, the success we achieved in the following years. This is only the beginning. (As someone once said)
  2. 😊 Could start another thread but goals that should have been. The goal against Everton and Zico’s against Arsenal in the cup. I still say the score was 4-1 no matter what the records show.
  3. First goal at the Reebok. Frank’s goal at OT 78. He’ll be putting two fingers up at me through the shop window this week.😊
  4. Most just walked away. Disappointed as any other fan. Don’t know about the yoof. I think the dispersal order in Horwich sent all the cretins down to the ground. I was young once and I’ve seen all sorts of fashion from the Teddy Boys, Mods, Rockers, Soul Boys, Glam Rock...etc. etc. Sports Direct is the new fashion scene. (It has to be black) Soulless, clueless and senseless. Flares look good but not when you throw them indiscriminately into a crowd. Dicks.
  5. Couple of pints in (outside) Northern Monkey and now on the train to the ground. I was there moment? Hope so. COYW!
  6. 😊 Its normal end of season nerves. There have been many of these over the years. As I said in an earlier post. Not many teams have been in our position. Doesn’t get any easier though.
  7. Loved Burnden but like everything in life, things change. Great memories at Burnden. Great memories at The Reebok. Wouldn’t change a minute of it. Good and bad. The bad times make the good even better.
  8. That’s it, right there. As a fan, we put up with all sorts of football. Good, bad and utter shite but the overriding reason for any fan is being there. That’s all that matters to me and most other fans. Television or whatever is a poor substitution for actually being there.
  9. First match for me was in 66. Last match of the season. 1-1 draw against Norwich. Stood on the Embankment as a wide eyed 11 year old with a couple of mates from L/H. It was a boring end of season match but it was the humour of the fans that grabbed me and hasn’t released its grip since. A bloke at the side of us, obviously bored, shouted as we took a corner. “Come on Fred, (Hill) give us a laugh, kick the corner flag” Appreciating our laughter, he said “you have to laugh cocker” No one ever said that in L/H. I was hooked there and then. Tomorrow could be another notch on the up and down experience of being a Wanderers fan. No idea about stats but has any other team experienced the same? Being a Wanderer is a privilege. I may even turn up on that grassy bank tomorrow and think of Freddie Hill. Also known as God.
  10. Privileged to have been there at Blackburn, Old Trafford, Burnden for the Ipswich goal and Maine Road for the right foot volley. (Actually sat right behind it) It was shit in the 70,s.
  11. Great innings by Bairstow. Saw him in a bar in Cape Town last year. He smiled as he walked past and I assumed he’d gone to the toilets. I was waiting for him to come back and introduce him to my wife. He didn’t come back😊
  12. Caught the 36 bus from Bradford Road to Walkden to meet my son for a walk today. I didn’t need to, I wanted to for nostalgic reasons. Passed my old haunts in L/H. Uncle Toms Cabin, Seddon Street, Old Lane, etc. Half way down Kenyon Way, a young black lad got on in full Wanderers training gear. He had a coat over the top so not a full kit wanker. I’m fairly sure he was an academy player. I’m guessing he lodges down that way. In itself not a remarkable occurrence but one day, if he makes it, he will, like me, take that same journey to remember his roots.
  13. Booked accommodation in Brisbane. (Well, my son has) Cancellation policy included of course. Done Tests 4 & 5. Time for the full series.
  14. Saw him at Wembley in 1980 when we beat them 3-1 in a friendly. Just a young lad (both of us) but the world class talent was evident then. Didn’t cheat that night though. RIP.
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