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  1. The proposed relaxations on 21st are not really major. More inconvenience than economic. Wouldn’t bother me at all. I don’t want to wear a mask for ever but a few more weeks won’t hurt me.
  2. Yep. Saq from Birmingham. Now a honorary Lancastrian.
  3. It’s the politics thread so let’s have some relevance. Matty Parkinson and Josh Bohannon both starred in the win. Both from Bolton. Where is Bolton? Lancashire! 🌹
  4. Next they will be quoting a father and son in Hartlepool. Cutting edge political analysis.
  5. I started to read that until it came to “according to Dominic Cummings” Guardian Journalism at its best. Last year he was the son of the Devil.
  6. I guess it’s getting the balance right between the Australian method and what other countries are doing. Australia will have to open up eventually and they will have to then cope with outbreaks because it’s not going away. It’ll always be about controlling the virus.
  7. I don’t accept the savage description of nurses. They are all Angels as far as I’m concerned. I fell in love with a nurse once. I was in B2 for 10 days with meningitis and got to know her really well. It upsets me that I can’t remember her name. She had beautiful olive coloured skin, dark hair and lovely green eyes. I was heartbroken when I left hospital and I never saw her again. I still wonder what happened to her and whether we may meet in the street one day and remember those magical days back in 1963. Im guessing she’s about 80 now. This is my last post tonight.
  8. Have they opened the Great Orme and Cornwall copper mines again? Still plenty down there I believe. It’s an opportunity for young entrepreneurs.👍
  9. Meanwhile, the Tories are again in control of Bolton Council. Backed by the independents. A vote for the independents is a vote for the Tories it seems.😊😉 https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/19332483.amp/
  10. It didn’t help and just like Hancock’s 10’s of thousands quote, it undermines the message. Interestingly, I heard a London MP use the exact same quote on London Regional News last week. Maybe it’s relevant to London but obviously not here.
  11. My criticism is based on her reaction to this outbreak here in Bolton. I know councillors who have given up their last two weekends helping the targeted testing and vaccination programme in the affected areas. She could have done a lot to help if she had been more visible on the ground and supported the volunteers trying their best to stem the spread instead of using it as a political stick.
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