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  1. He’s on 1.2M a season up there. Despite him leaving us , be sad to see him binned so quickly and have to reset back when given another chance in L1.
  2. About 2 miles from Genie towers. They evacuated the whole Dockyard at 1030 yesterday when everyone actually in the exclusion zone didn’t need to leave till 1400. Asked my submariner mate if they should have been in there in case it went off and damaged buildings near the nuclear sub refit centre, no chance was reply.
  3. Amazed you haven’t said McAteer
  4. Lots of graphs for the class showing various issues https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-50290033 100,000 NHS vacancies which are likely filled with agency staff at higher rates before the markup to agency.
  5. TBF the “shocking” scenes probably have some effect on general public who don’t have the darker areas of the web sent to them on WhatsApp. New Netflix Lift is bobbins. When will I learn not to bother.
  6. West Country TV did a version as a knockout cup between pubs filmed in them including a quiz. Wasn’t shown until 1030 slot after news
  7. Failing to qualify for Champions League scuppered that a while back.
  8. If he can stay fit would be a great signing
  9. Best 101 points holding off Ipswich for title and Glastonbury Worst - Another in-law taken by cancer.
  10. Just seen Tony Blair was keen on Wimbledon being relocated to a 40K stadium in Belfast. Wonder which of the sides would have adopted if either?
  11. Highlighting that the system you’re accused of exploiting was truly corrupt not exactly a great defence.
  12. Nah, they’d give them the pay rise and claim on expenses
  13. Alledgedly tripling his wages to 1.2M , which with way you get paid off when sacked means he’s made for life even if he fails there. Shame gone to somewhere as mediocre as Stoke for his career
  14. @Pablo Rumour out of nowhere probably down to Dewsnip connection we’re going for Leighton Baines to replace Schumacker.
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