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  1. They've started giving general seasonal outlooks as the correlate the effects of El Nino from Pacific temperatures.
  2. Is the right answer. Is there a time limit on investigation into the match fixing they were involved in circa 1910s that saved one of them from relegation? Cant remember details.
  3. You're (in)famous. In depth analysis of the Indian variant Bolron Spike on beeb. Don't know town well enough to comment on the map of cases per borough. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-57094274
  4. Dippers learned from their own bus wrecking exploits
  5. The Roses and Charlatans were my bands. Caught on to SR on Elephant Stone so got to Blackpool, Ally Pally and Spike Island. The thought you were part of something potentially uge was amazing. Oasis happened so fast every twat in the country was on them in a flash giving birth to the lad singalong hell that large gigs have become. Feck me I'm old, but not too old to take lads to Charlatans in Dec and to see new band Pastel who I reckon will be next big guitar band support Affleck's Palace (originals band for Total Stone Rose's lads) Now wheres me flares
  6. 125000 each day. Two hour queue for ale. Cardboard boxes to carry extra pints were going for 20 quid.
  7. I'm calling bullshit on this one as well. I was there on the Saturday. Walked an hour back to nearest train station past cars which were completely gridlocked and at least two helicopters left. My dad was known to go on about his mate Keith who flew Anneka Rice around for Treasure Hunt from his time in RN so was source of amusement to my mates. Fecking mental scenes at the branch line style station as 10's of thousands descended upon it trying to get back to that there London village. By time we got back to Euston only thing found open was a dodgy reggae club. Whiled away few hours t
  8. Don't believe the hype. Gov stats site shows that Asians are getting dead at 90% of "normal" rate against overall rate of 84% of normal. https://app.powerbi.com/view?r=eyJrIjoiYmUwNmFhMjYtNGZhYS00NDk2LWFlMTAtOTg0OGNhNmFiNGM0IiwidCI6ImVlNGUxNDk5LTRhMzUtNGIyZS1hZDQ3LTVmM2NmOWRlODY2NiIsImMiOjh9
  9. Pah, sheep on Dartmoor get bigger Dose of radiation from granite moor than reached UK from Chernobyl. It's the cowboys building Hinckley we need to worry about.
  10. Well done, Crawley at Gatwick already
  11. He's a nice bloke for a privileged knobhead. Met him on south ham's paddling a couple of times
  12. Longest thing to say about the photos of Priness Charlotte is no doubt who herded is. Poor kid
  13. Fair play to the chinos, two last minute winners in a week to keep themselves alive. Now come on the pair of you next week.
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