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  1. Got these fecking lot last away game. Hopefully they won't be celebrating anything
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  3. At least your only homophobic calling Grealish a liar. 😉
  4. Very sad news that Paul Mariner has passed away. Argyle and England hero. Any of you mob remember him at Chorley where we bought him from?
  5. Very sad news that Paul Mariner has passed away. Argyle and England hero. Any of you mob remember him at Chorley where we bought him from
  6. I went into this tournament not expecting to give more than passing interest and only the yoof persuaded me to go to pub. Sat on the olds table with yoofs mates bouncing against Germany full of cynicism until they missed sitter. Absolutely great for the crap of last year they've put up with that they're having time of their lives.
  7. Bit generous as a lot to do with the youth development arms race Chelsea and Arsenal were leading till City caught up. Granted national set up has improved but it ain't whole picture. Reckon well fall short in final but said next three tournaments well win one with quality coming through
  8. Bonjour mes amis. Be easier to get to. Were looking at trying to get to game in Nantes or Brest next season.
  9. Tuesday night to the muff. Superfan points on offer. Take 12th March at your place.
  10. With you there young man. If they would meld the original of Somebody to Love with video of dance version of maid writhing under sky diving babies I would die happy.
  11. Reckon a lot of people's opinion of Grealish is clouded by the previous man bun and ability to be an arsehole on a regular basis. If Foden didn't look like a feral scrote we would have seen papers all over him as England's best hope.
  12. Built up all around Sid James. On that clue I'll try Dean Court, Bournemouth
  13. https://www.footballcritic.com/news/revealed-the-teams-with-the-most-dangerous-wages-to-revenue-ratio/1048 Now Bournemouth gone, only Everton exceeding them Problem is you can see Leicester as investment but its against FFP that the 'istree clubs invented to stop another Citeh bursting their bubble.
  14. Is the right answer. Is there a time limit on investigation into the match fixing they were involved in circa 1910s that saved one of them from relegation? Cant remember details.
  15. Dippers learned from their own bus wrecking exploits
  16. Well done, Crawley at Gatwick already
  17. Fair play to the chinos, two last minute winners in a week to keep themselves alive. Now come on the pair of you next week.
  18. Enjoy your day the best you can . After coming away from the Barbican yesterday evening as it went well over capacity its crazy they'd rather you were outside spraying beer on each other than masked up in ground.
  19. Want you lot up , just Exeter as well. Sure @Not in Crawleycan put a few up for final day pyro down sarf
  20. Meanwhile, who will win tallest dwarf 'istree shield on Sunday. Millions of plastics who previously funded Littlewoods and DMBs dominance cannot wait for Sky to make them feel relevant
  21. Do you mind waiting till final day? Really want Exeter to come up
  22. Good luck today to the team and stealth fans.
  23. Team already on the beach against one fighting for play offs....and defending has been shit all season
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