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  1. Bottom pic is Pompey taking liberties at Home Park. 10,000of the buggers to clinch old Div 3. Painted Stonehenge blue on way down. Its 83 and not 70s to be a pedantic.
  2. The Yanks want a say on future owners so there wont be any more billionaire owners to provide competition
  3. Wasnt that the reason for defecting to Wales as well, with his mum being a taff and his dad English?
  4. Maybe they are playing with Utd. Fred and Sanchez haven't worked out very well either after "beating " city to their signature.
  5. How the hell does Shaw stay on after that challenge that comes straight off a Sunday League worst fouls compilation.
  6. Is money on a link to Roberto Martinez or expat?
  7. Gonzo's lot battering us but we've got only goal.
  8. 3-2 against QPR and into uncharted waters of 2and round. Nice start to season.
  9. Argo stopped at 5K as unlikely to get more than that in this season
  10. Because he knew Lyon would play same as every other team that has beaten them this season. Should have used Walker in the 3 and only used one DM.
  11. 1 Most skilful player seen at this level with end product.
  12. Random twitter link going around Argo sites linking you with Graham Carey who is leaving CSKA Sofia. You will piss L2 with him and others already on board
  13. We've had NHS taking over changing rooms and hospitality areas for last few months so he'll feel at home
  14. Any more to this than the twitter clickbait site?
  15. Dumb feckers signing the istree clubs' petition against City.
  16. Even one camera frame can change it by 30cm when player going full tilt. Complete farce to start adding lines like that.
  17. We had him for two seasons but didnt see much of him as he had testicular cancer. Commanding CB at that level
  18. That's a very lazy nickname. More box to box. Danny Mayor was the creative lynchpin.
  19. Sarcevic was our poty and you will have done well to get him as had decent offer from Salford in excess of what we offered, although moving back to Manc was the driver
  20. Are you 12? We were Div 2-3 (in real terms pre prem) perennial yoyo until 96 and will be back to that status at least soon given how well club is being run.
  21. Go on then, I'll bite. Why would a family man like Lowe stop at the hotel risking infection when he has a house within 1/2 hour????
  22. Lump on boys, our CEO gone to press saying Lowe fully committed to Argyle so bound to leave.
  23. A lot of fanbase down here have from day one lived with realisation a decent job near Liverpool would see him away. BWFC would need to convince him there wont be repeat of his experience at Bury.
  24. How much cash backing do you reckon it took to make Lowe favourite?
  25. I wouldn't put too much stall on that. Started by site owner desperate for clickbait. Not to say Lowe couldn't be tempted by move back to NW, but think he'd want assurances on budgets.
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