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  1. You've hit the bail on the head! It's a noise cancelling mic I need, me and technology just don't get on, cheers.
  2. The wife is looking for some noise cancelling earphones/headsets which block out background noise for the other person when on a call so they can't hear dog barking/baby crying etc, any recommendations?
  3. Couldn't make John Bramwell in Manchester the other week so going to Sheffield in November, his new stuff is brilliant but I'm still a big fan of the I am Kloot track's
  4. Anyone else having problems with Wanderers TV?
  5. Santos panicked when he realised Baxter was more forward than him!
  6. I can't walk my Rottweiler down the street without getting any dirty looks or people crossing the road, she is always on a lead and has never shown any aggression to anyone. We have also had two border collies and they were fantastic dogs but a rottie is a complete dog in my opinion.
  7. Is there a video anywhere of Charles 2nd yellow card?
  8. Leigh were never going to get anywhere near Wigan with the cup final coming up
  9. They have a great chance next week, Saints have 2 players out injured and Leigh rested 2 yesterday, looking forward to a good game.
  10. Yeah that's what I will probably end up doing, I just want to get an idea in my head of the kind of things I should be thinking of and if there was a "general rule of thumb".
  11. Yeah I get charges to pay off early, I can pay off 10% without any charges.
  12. So for 40k @ 4.5% until April 2028 And 11.5k @2.59%till October 2025
  13. I owe about 50k on my Mortgage and I'm due to inherit about 80k, should I pay off my Mortgage in full or invest the money?
  14. I went watching that comedian Paul Smith last night, not impressed to be honest, loads were leaving mid way through.
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