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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Who does your lad play for? Folly Lane by any chance?
  2. This.....I'm sick to death of it all now.
  3. Good day for the Swinton Lions yesterday to, back in the championship.
  4. As a Swinton fan I agree with you, I would love to see them get smashed every week but to be fair they look good when attacking, your old mate Ryan Brierley joins the line really well, just his defending can be a bit ropey.
  5. Good club Folly and produced some good players!
  6. If the fight goes to the scorecards you may as well just turn it over, that was a disgrace and bad for the sport.
  7. I think his support first started when Swinton moved to play at Gigg Lane, I'm sure his daughter went to school in Bury or had some affiliation with Bury and he got some tickets to watch Swinton and just became hooked.
  8. Top man is Simon, I'm luckily enough to know him personally and spend nearly every Sunday (when Bolton aren't playing) watching Swinton RL home and away with him, his knowledge is unbelievable he remembers absolutely everything regarding BWFC.
  9. Yes I agree, really enjoy going to Sale but realistically we could attract more fans at Moor Lane.
  10. The dream is to return to Swinton but I don't think it will ever happen, the closest we will get will be Moor Lane (Salford FC when they move to the AJBell)
  11. Yes, generally home and away, after station road burnt down I continued to go to Gigg Lane for a couple years then took a break from watching them.....we still have a big core of fans that you would still remeber who have continued after all these years, gutted we got relegated last season as some of the games now are non events unfortunately.
  12. Great I will give them a bell tomorrow 👍
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