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  1. Anyone else having problems with Wanderers TV?
  2. Santos panicked when he realised Baxter was more forward than him!
  3. I can't walk my Rottweiler down the street without getting any dirty looks or people crossing the road, she is always on a lead and has never shown any aggression to anyone. We have also had two border collies and they were fantastic dogs but a rottie is a complete dog in my opinion.
  4. Is there a video anywhere of Charles 2nd yellow card?
  5. Leigh were never going to get anywhere near Wigan with the cup final coming up
  6. They have a great chance next week, Saints have 2 players out injured and Leigh rested 2 yesterday, looking forward to a good game.
  7. Yeah that's what I will probably end up doing, I just want to get an idea in my head of the kind of things I should be thinking of and if there was a "general rule of thumb".
  8. Yeah I get charges to pay off early, I can pay off 10% without any charges.
  9. So for 40k @ 4.5% until April 2028 And 11.5k @2.59%till October 2025
  10. I owe about 50k on my Mortgage and I'm due to inherit about 80k, should I pay off my Mortgage in full or invest the money?
  11. I went watching that comedian Paul Smith last night, not impressed to be honest, loads were leaving mid way through.
  12. @gonzo which is the best chippy? We usually go to Bentleys which I think is top draw.
  13. Anybody on here install A/C into houses? I have one already in the dinning room/Conservatory but want a unit upstairs now, fantastic in the summer when everyone is sweating there knackers off.
  14. I went and watched Jack last night, first time I've ever been to a live boxing event, enjoyed Jack's fight but didn't enjoy the full experience, full of dickheads and binned off the last fight.
  15. Ah ok, thanks for that.
  16. Due to my mum being very poorly we have 2 tickets available for Andre Rieu at the arena tomorrow night....They are great seats on the floor near the front (I can confirm if anyone is interested face value is about £100 per ticket but I would take £100 for both.....They are electronic tickets so I would have to give you my details to log in to my ticketmaster account. Message if interested.
  17. Crown and Cushion (if that classes as a club)
  18. Does anyone know the breakdown of the amount of fans each took took? There is no way they sold more tickets than us
  19. Non alcholoc beer does help, slightly.....when I get the urge I have a non alcholoc Guinness and it does take away some of the cravings.
  20. I stopped drinking back in April, I was drinking far too much, I was at a wedding and was drinking 2 pints to everyone else's one and just thought "what the fuck am I doing"....From that point ive been sober as a judge, the cravings took about 6 weeks to disappear now It doesnt even bother me going out with mates and not drinking.....I wish losing weight was this easy but that's my next challenge.
  21. I'm going to the gig, would be great if they could show the game first.
  22. I got sent an email from Gigs and tours, stating as a valued customer I had the chance to buy tickets for the gig at the lowry the night after.
  23. I went to one of the "secret gigs" at the Lowry, throughly enjoyed it.
  24. Who does your lad play for? Folly Lane by any chance?
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