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  1. We lost the final due to bad mentality! To beat Barnsley and allow players to drink alcohol in the stands celebrating after the game as if the job was done was wrong on so many levels, why on earth would a manager allow alcohol after a semi win is beyond me.

  2. 51 minutes ago, MickyD said:

    Wouldn’t that be a noise cancelling microphone rather than headphone? I’ve never heard of such a thing but a quick Google search of ‘headphones with noise cancelling mic’ shows they exist. Whether they work or not is down to what you buy, I guess.

    You've hit the bail on the head! It's a noise cancelling mic I need, me and technology just don't get on, cheers.

  3. The wife is looking for some noise cancelling earphones/headsets which block out background noise for the other person when on a call so they can't hear dog barking/baby crying etc, any recommendations? 

  4. Couldn't make John Bramwell in Manchester the other week so going to Sheffield in November, his new stuff is brilliant but I'm still a big fan of the I am Kloot track's 

  5. I can't walk my Rottweiler down the street without getting any dirty looks or people crossing the road, she is always on a lead and has never shown any aggression to anyone. We have also had two border collies and they were fantastic dogs but a rottie is a complete dog in my opinion.

  6. 1 minute ago, Biggish Dave said:

    Invest a few hundred quid and see an IFA who will give best advice specific to yourself rather than asking here

    Yeah that's what I will probably end up doing, I just want to get an idea in my head of the kind of things I should be thinking of and if there was  a "general rule of thumb".

  7. 3 minutes ago, Nowack said:

    Assuming you will get charges for paying early the general consensus when we got financial advise is invest. We have 4 years left at 1.5% though.

    Yeah I get charges to pay off early, I can pay off 10% without any charges.

  8. Due to my mum being very poorly we have 2 tickets available for Andre Rieu at the arena tomorrow night....They are great seats on the floor near the front (I can confirm if anyone is interested face value is about £100 per ticket but I would take £100 for both.....They are electronic tickets so I would have to give you my details to log in to my ticketmaster account. Message if interested.

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