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  1. I can't walk my Rottweiler down the street without getting any dirty looks or people crossing the road, she is always on a lead and has never shown any aggression to anyone. We have also had two border collies and they were fantastic dogs but a rottie is a complete dog in my opinion.

  2. 1 minute ago, Biggish Dave said:

    Invest a few hundred quid and see an IFA who will give best advice specific to yourself rather than asking here

    Yeah that's what I will probably end up doing, I just want to get an idea in my head of the kind of things I should be thinking of and if there was  a "general rule of thumb".

  3. 3 minutes ago, Nowack said:

    Assuming you will get charges for paying early the general consensus when we got financial advise is invest. We have 4 years left at 1.5% though.

    Yeah I get charges to pay off early, I can pay off 10% without any charges.

  4. Anybody on here install A/C into houses? I have one already in the dinning room/Conservatory but want a unit upstairs now, fantastic in the summer when everyone is sweating there knackers off.

  5. I went and watched Jack last night, first time I've ever been to a live boxing event, enjoyed Jack's fight but didn't enjoy the full experience, full of dickheads and binned off the last fight.

  6. 42 minutes ago, Carlos said:

    You can transfer them using the app to another account, I did this last week.


    Ah ok, thanks for that.

  7. Due to my mum being very poorly we have 2 tickets available for Andre Rieu at the arena tomorrow night....They are great seats on the floor near the front (I can confirm if anyone is interested face value is about £100 per ticket but I would take £100 for both.....They are electronic tickets so I would have to give you my details to log in to my ticketmaster account. Message if interested.

  8. I stopped drinking back in April, I was drinking far too much, I was at a wedding and was drinking 2 pints to everyone else's one and just thought "what the fuck am I  doing"....From that point ive been sober as a judge, the cravings took about 6 weeks to disappear now It doesnt even bother me going out with mates and not drinking.....I wish losing weight was this easy but that's my next challenge.

  9. 15 minutes ago, Biggish Dave said:

    Did you buy a ticket knowing who you were seeing or is it pot luck? Not anything I’d heard of before until I read it online a couple of weeks ago.

    I got sent an email from Gigs and tours, stating as a valued customer I had the chance to buy tickets for the gig at the lowry the night after.

  10. 30 minutes ago, farnworth white said:

    I was reading a few weeks ago Peter Kay had done a couple of 'secret gigs' with the possibility of a tour next year.

    Going to see him live tomorrow when he is performing in aid of The Lily Foundation. It's an audience of around 140 people.

    Good to see he is back doing what he hopefully does best. No doubt he has lots of new material, but he hasn't done stand up for over 10 years so I'm sure he'll be looking to make sure he has still got it before trying to sell out Arenas again.


    I went to one of the "secret gigs" at the Lowry, throughly enjoyed it.

  11. On 06/10/2022 at 14:13, royal white said:

    Off to watch England play Fiji tomorrow in one of the build up games then watching Wales play Lebanon on Saturday as my lads a mascot.  

    Might have some more tickets coming for the game at our place if anyone is interested. 

    Who does your lad play for? Folly Lane by any chance?

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