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  1. At least us SIMPLETONS were at the match!
  2. What are the chance's of a minute silence for the lad at the Hull match......in my eyes it's a must! R.I.P
  3. R.I.P. My thoughts to all his family and friends.
  4. Yes I think so, lets hope they fall adrift of the pack (we never get any points up there anyway)
  5. Not in starting 11 tonight, not even on the bench! Don't think he is injured he has just fell out of favour with the toon faithfull.
  6. Tamir Cohen to start, thats a bit of a suprise!
  7. What was his thought's I missed it?
  8. For the first time in ages I can enjoy a drink on a Saturday night after a DEFEAT! unlucky lads you did us proud!
  9. Why dont you just F*UCK off. BWFC don't need peolpe like you!
  10. I am sick of peolpe always using comment's as "he is only young" and "he has time on his hands", if players aren't performing they should not be on the pitch, I am not talking about Muamba in particular. Over the years players have been tagged with the above comments and never seem to reach there potential, one in my eyes is J.Jenas at spurs not always in the first 11 at a very average spurs team. How much time do you give young players I just don't know, look at Kevin Nolan if he had reached his full potential he would have been England captain now but he peaked at the age of about 22-23.
  11. The only one I can find is BBC Stoke so would have to listen on the internet
  12. You may be right, I seem to think he was the coach but I am not sure
  13. Live commentry on radio manchester (95.1 fm)
  14. I asked Howard Webb why did away teams never get penalties at Old Trafford yet United get "easy penalties" his reply was "if you have 70,000 home fan's screaming at you you tend to sway decisions, where as it is easy to ignore the 2,500 away fan's. Howard was also saying how much ref's hate Neil Warnock (understandable I suppose) When I was talking to Uriah he asked me who I supported so I told him Bolton and he started smiling and gave me the thumbs up, I joked to him asking him was he a Bolton fan and he just laughed and walked off, as he walked away he just winked at me so I shouted I will take that as yes he just smiled (wonder why he is our favorite ref!) Chris Foy was very quiet and did not say much as he came across very shy, he just spoke in general about football. Mark Halsey is always very talkative about football and speaks very highly of Kevin Nolan (he said that he was quicker than Kev in training). Otherwise we were talking in general about football and the F.A etc. They seemed to think that southern Ref's get more opportunity to ref the big game's (F.A cup finals, euro's ect) although since I was speaking to them Howard Webb has been involved in "big " games and he is from Sheffield.
  15. They do have official get-togethers as I have been been in the same restaurant (sottovento's in Farnworth-Mark Halsey's restaurant). I had a good chat with Howard Webb, Uriah Rennie, Chris Foy and obviously Mark Halsey, other ref's were present but I did not get chance to chat to them. Let's just say it was very interesting.
  16. Balti pies.....not bad at all, not sure about bovril
  17. Good chant for saturday "Are you Campo in disguise"
  18. Lets all hope for a draw tonight and extra time in the Merseyside derby so the Everton legs are tired for saturday so we can run them off the park.
  19. Bye bye miss american pie drove the chevy to the ..............
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