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  1. Sorry you thought the comment was ridiculous but it was actually said in jest. I am not against Megson, I am one of the few people who think we should give him a chance.
  2. Lets see if Megson plays him in "His favorite position". I doubt it, he will soon be a defensive midfielder!
  3. Yeah I konw it just winds me up how much he always wants us to lose.
  4. All is looking good tomorrow for the super whites as lawro has predicted a one nil defeat for us AGAIN. Has he been right for us this season?
  5. No idea, I guess I am just a confused Bolton fan like the rest of us.
  6. I cant believe Bolton fans, people moan when we play 4-5-1 then we win with two up front then they won't us to be defensive again. No matter who we play at home it should be two up front, if we play 4-5-1 against the scouser's and go a goal down everyone will be on Megson's back. Let's go out and attack them and get a win. Lets rattle them and get in there face's and I am sure we can get a POSITIVE result.
  7. It is always the same idiots, pissed or not pissed I was embarrassed to be stood there.
  8. Correct, they are all better than what we have got (apart from Hunt and Meite) the others could STILL walk into our team and peform better!
  9. Could not agree more, West Brom played better that us at the Reebok at least they look as if they can score unlike our clobbers (seen more speed in my gran and she's 87)
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