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  1. Pollock retired in 2002, aged 28.

    I can't believe he's only 34 now, he looked older than that when he played for us.


    He's currently manager of Spennymoor United in the Unibond league.

    Top bloke Pollock, he was on Radio Manchester on saturday afternoon talking about his career, I had the opportunity to speak to the guy often when he was playing for us, he always found it amusing when he played on the wing for us, always quoting sarcasticly "my blistering pace".

  2. I agree I think we do miss him, he always seemed to give us an outlet which we seem to be missing at the moment, he had a good ability of holding up the ball and letting our midfield get forward. If he could had chipped in with a few more goals he could have been a legend for the super whites.

  3. The bloke always gave 100% for us so I don't think I will be booing, the only sad part is that he thinks the Mackem's are bigger than us, think we will prove him wrong on saturday when we beat them and they hopefully go down. Hope he come's over to us and give's us a clap.

  4. Fair enough.


    It did look like a dig at GM, though.

    No maybe I didn't make my comment clear. Nothing winds me up more when so called supporters slag off any of our management or players, we are all in this together and should stick together, if they want to moan they should stay at home at and shout at the radio instead it would do us all a favour.

  5. At home we should be playing 2-2-6 at home.


    No wonder we can't sell out.

    I cant believe Bolton fans, people moan when we play 4-5-1 then we win with two up front then they won't us to be defensive again. No matter who we play at home it should be two up front, if we play 4-5-1 against the scouser's and go a goal down everyone will be on Megson's back. Let's go out and attack them and get a win. Lets rattle them and get in there face's and I am sure we can get a POSITIVE result.

  6. I've been saying that for ages but have been castigated. I'd rather have Hunt, Meite, Campo, Stelios, Speed,Diouf, Alonso, Guthrie than the shower of mediocrity we have signed

    Correct, they are all better than what we have got (apart from Hunt and Meite) the others could STILL walk into our team and peform better!

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