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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. 27 minutes ago, Escobarp said:

    Didn’t look with it tonight jack but the lad He was up against was better than I thought he would be tbf

    shocking decision that but that’s what happens in British boxing time and time again 

    Yes he got away with one, blowing after round 5 and never looked in the fight. 

  2. Had rats in the loft for months, council kept coming round using poison to get rid of them, horrible sleeping at night when you can hear the fuckers running round in the loft. 

  3. 16 hours ago, Not in Crawley said:

    With my job I have to see lots of stuff I’d never normally go to, but some of the gigs I’ve worked on thinking this is not for me have turned out to be great. Any concerts you’ve had to go to and had you’re mind changed?

    Marc Almond - great show and a bit of burlesque as well, not complaining

    Ennio Morroconie - thought it'd all be western but the music from The Mission is beautiful.

    SEB - honestly! She’s great live.

    On the flip side seen I Am Kloot live 3 times and never enjoyed it and they’re probably my favourite band.


    Just picking up on your comment about I am Kloot, as they grew as a band the live performances did seem to deteriorate where as when they first started performing in small venues like band on the wall ect they were brilliant. 

  4. I used Bear watch cctv, if I remember correctly it was £430 for three cameras with a four year warranty, they can easily be found on Facebook or just PM me if you want more details. I cant knock it really good.

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