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  1. These boys are 15 unbeaten...
  2. Someone who uses Twatter get this tweeted to them. It's a fair point Cassie raises.
  3. Have a go at watching Friday Night Lights. Also on Netflix.
  4. Tomski always loving your optimism pal, it's the way to be ???? I'm the same too, 2-0 away win, followed by another at Bham. New signings to shine against these 2 teams.
  5. DIPS

    Hull Away

    Fucks sake. The reason for the change is a fucking joke. 2 different sports.
  6. The alternative is he gets a loans, backed against the clubs assets and had to pay a massive wedge back in interest. Why take the risk and destabilise the club further, if he can provide the finding himself, no strings attatched. What a nob ken is being, by acting financially prudent. Mounts I've sung your praises, and think you'd be a tremendous assest yourself on the ST. However there is no conspiracy here. Kens even said he will sell himself, if the right person came along. The alternative is we get an unstable owner who would get a mega day pay loan and finish us off... this
  7. Yeah, in his club statement he has categorically stated thst he put money in to pay the wages over 2/3 months. He has recouped whatever he has given but hasn't taken a penny extra. Jeez some folk need to give up that Ken is the devil incarnate. Perhaps, maybe just maybe... he has the best intentions of the club and wants HIS business to succeed.
  8. Finally got round to watching Lego Batman. Great movie. Lots of humor for adults and as good as The Lego Movie. Good for easy wind down viewing.
  9. Game of Thrones new season is flowing nicely. Great start. If you've not watched it yet, do it from the start. Otherwise you won't have a scoobydo.
  10. So the bloon trick did work.
  11. Take out with a pinch of salt, but Andersons son has said more to come. Really chuffed with these 2 lads from Wham. I really think they will prove their worth with is. These are the type of signings we need, quality over quantity. It's going to be a long season and we need much needed cover in the squad. Given the circumstances we're in, PP and Ken both deserve a massive well done.
  12. That and Sky Atlantic have exclusive rights for it being shown in the UK
  13. Just been on the 1966 WorldCup winners forum. They rate both Cullen and Burke highly and can't believe their not in the inital squad. The consensus from the rent boys seems to be both will be let go and Bìlìć will buy talent in instead.
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