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  1. Traf recently told me about Neil's illness and about WW. Best wishes Neil and a speedy recovery. I'm a IT/Systems Manager, I'm happy to offer my help/advice, just ask if you need any. Back to the backbenches.
  2. Extended family are main sponsors, M & S Engineering Ltd. Been up a couple of times. Club house is a good set up, the whole ground is TBH. 4G, meaning black plastic pellets everywhere... The bar at the train station is prob best one in Annan. Gaffer said not 100% confirmed yet, SFL needs to sanction. England, QF 🤣
  3. Top fella, loved football, always thanked the wife for opening the tea hut for BWFC ladies games. RIP Paul, one of lifes good un's.
  4. Was on Colls today. First half was 1st team, Doyle scored a screamer. 2nd Half was trialist's and squad players. Colls had chances, 3 - 2 would have been about right if taken them. Evatt is a top bloke, met him when he was at Barrow and hasn't changed, the way he comes across and makes time to talk to people reminds me of Rioch. I genuinely think he we will get BWFC promoted.
  5. C86

    Iptv With Mag Box

    It depends on who your ISP is and who you get your IPTV from. Virgin, BT, Sky etc. are actively trying to block the ip addresses of the IPTV servers, the larger ones are more likely to be targeted. It's then a case of the IPTV folk looking for a work-around, usually, they move to a new server or IP address. Sometimes they'll hit the servers that provide the steams for the feeds, you'll know this when you can stream box sets and movies but can't watch any channel.
  6. Vociferously? fuck me pal, if you think that was vociferous, you've gone soft. As I "calmly" pointed out, Boro did indeed deserve the win but wouldn't say we were dicked. Bury lad was after a rise Players where upbeat afterward while I was collecting the kit and cleaning the dressing room. Assume wrong too, I've no interest whatsoever in the stiffs. But you wear your "I'm great coz I've watched em through thick & thin" badge with pride pal Remember, it only means fucks all to those who feel the same, the rest will crack on happily. I mean even Carlos has given up!
  7. I was stood with him for 10 mins on Sat. Sad at any time of the year but more so around Xmas.
  8. " a reet good dicking"... aye alreet, Boro deserved to win though imo. Anyhow, no mention of the homophobic chants by Boro fans on diversity day Secs called in by ref after match, in his report. Not surprised backward from round there.
  9. more on there than watch the stiffs now
  10. Yep. don't fuck around with our books or we'll jab you.
  11. Who fell over today... I'll let them tell the class. :)
  12. You know it's staying in Kendal for a few hours afterwards?
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