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  1. 9 minutes ago, Casino said:

    Even the frankie vintage on there looks silky

    The club stock wasnt that finish

    The white one was from around 78/80, not a silky finish. My mum, god bless her, cut out and stitched BEN on the front. When I get home I'll take some close pic's. 

    The red England is from 82 too.

  2. 18 minutes ago, Casino said:

    I knew you had the green one but do you know for sure where they came from

    Is it possible they were under the counter stuff, as i never saw them on sale

    The green one was from the club shop, I got everything from there, no other sold our gear(?). The red one I bought straight after we'd got beat by Sunderland in FA Cup.

  3. On 08/06/2022 at 13:11, Baba O'Riley said:

    Pretty certain we did not sell a replica kit at this time, which suggests it is match worn but not by the 1st team. There was a very cheap looking version of the home shirt available at the Happy Shop without the Umbro branding or shirt sponsor, and with “Bolton Wanderers FC” around the badge in red. 

    They did sell the kits, I still have the white and red shirts. 





  4. 30 minutes ago, W.cramp said:

    Video doing the rounds of their 'lads' having a go at 1 lad and his mrs walking through Wigan centre by the looks of it

    And tbf she lands a couple 👍

  5. 1 hour ago, Carlos said:

    RIP, a regular at Colls in his Wanderers hat.

    Top fella, loved football, always thanked the wife for opening the tea hut for BWFC ladies games. RIP Paul, one of lifes good un's.

  6. 33 minutes ago, Andy Gee said:

    What's happened to Marc Iles? Seems to have disappeared.

    Was on Colls today.

    First half was 1st team, Doyle scored a screamer.

    2nd Half was trialist's and squad players.

    Colls had chances, 3 - 2 would have been about right if taken them.

    Evatt is a top bloke, met him when he was at Barrow and hasn't changed, the way he comes across and makes time to talk to people reminds me of Rioch.

    I genuinely think he we will get BWFC promoted. 


  7. On 29/11/2018 at 10:53, Escobarp said:

    I don’t use or need a vpn for my iptv. Confused as to why folk need one?

    It depends on who your ISP is and who you get your IPTV from.

    Virgin, BT, Sky etc. are actively trying to block the ip addresses of the IPTV servers, the larger ones are more likely to be targeted. It's then a case of the IPTV folk looking for a work-around, usually, they move to a new server or IP address.  

    Sometimes they'll hit the servers that provide the steams for the feeds, you'll know this when you can stream box sets and movies but can't watch any channel.




  8. That is very commendable. Hopefully you keep any money that you get on the gate, however that might not be that much. I look forward to going down to watch Colls the only other time I have been is to watch a Bolton game.


    Look forward to a beer with you pal :)

  9. Absolutely, the pitch had to be up to scratch which is virtually fucking impossible in this weather. Teams are calling games off, ours was good enough to have pros playing on it due to volunteers grafting 24/7, entirely for this game.


    Parky last season was impressed with the pitch and said he would have sent some 1st team if had been aware of its quality. This year they sent the BWFC groundsman to inspect the pitch to confirm it was good enough for first-teamers, this happened last Sat morn when he gave the seal of approval. 


    Others on here are more ITK on what happened last night but I believe at 5pm a decision was made not to play the first team.

  10. Coach left us mate as the organiser thought it was an afternoon kick off and we were due to leave at 5pm.


    Kick off wasn’t until 8ish :D


    We met after last orders on the Saturday morning at 2am at Brunels on Bank St.


    Mad trip but piss funny.

     See you next week...

  11. Anyone using a VPN with this?


    If so, anyone using a vpn on a smart tv?


    Use need a VPN Router which the TV would be connected too.


    I have a Tomato router running alongside my Virgin Superhub.


    I have cat 5 cables running from both hubs so I can switch when they sometimes hit the IPTV, got two wireless networks and use IP Vanish.



  12. Remember waiting for the coach outside the Albion with 50 notright's for Darlo away, and it never turned up.


    Pud and his pal got a van. I cadged a lift back in a van from Walkden (or Athy/leigh), it droppped us at Hulton Arms.


    It kicked off like fuck on the pitch at full time, some naughtly shit went on, leave it at that. 


    Lively later whilst finding a lift.

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