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  1. Napoli have a great chance with how that draw has panned out.
  2. tomski

    Wembley 🍕

    Deffo means more than it should in reality but we are building something. My only concern is bigger picture stuff is promotion brings more than this. That saying everyone still remembers 89 who went and it’s time for another generation to make some memories.
  3. I sit somewhere the same but more missed op last night to good point today. We played well and at the time I was frustrated Charles didn’t take the shot but looking again that’s a pen. Other good thing was I’ve a mate who I saw at the match yesterday who’s a Man City fan but I’m pleased to report his son has seen a better choice. Fair play considering the options he had.
  4. tomski

    Wembley 🍕

    Think Wembley brings out a different audience. Mates of mates, family members etc. I have my mum and sister coming. I’ve known my sister 37 years and only just found out she’s a Bolton fan who’s never been and my mum last went 25 years ago to a match.
  5. Poor little lad. Really gets me stuff like this. I’ll be the first too moan there is a clap or silence every week but fully behind trying to give his family something small to take out of this. RIP Super Ted
  6. tomski

    Wembley 🍕

    I get everyone is excited but Kinnel this is bad.
  7. tomski

    Wembley 🍕

    Yeah aside from it being unimportant, if anything should be one winner here.
  8. tomski

    Wembley 🍕

    Mcnallys if heading off at Kings cross. That would make me jealous
  9. Sorry it was a Whitt response. Hope you get sorted whichever option you should choose
  10. Why you paying MADMAX Unless you mean the Stephen French style tax ha
  11. Finally. Things are picking up.
  12. tomski

    Wembley 🍕

    An ex poster has informed that In fact you don’t need to sign up but you need an account set up to purchase which I’d guess gives them the gold anyway to a degree. Up to 6 tickets.
  13. tomski

    Wembley 🍕

    I assume new people can apply to Neil’s customer data base in phase 3 where in phase 2 you already had to be a member before blocking
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