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  1. Anyone defending that is a bit daft
  2. Please tell me you’re not upset about this
  3. Yeah. Smelly to smelly dollar
  4. I’m on if you cater for divorce parties as I think that’s the only pass I could get😂
  5. Smelly Daz is asking what time this opens and can he pay more than the next man😂
  6. Norwegian lads know how it’s done
  7. The greed is ruining a pretty much bullet proof model.
  8. He meant he wouldn’t pick Australians playing in L1 😂
  9. I’d be more interested in that if so.
  10. Looks like you’ve found your new Baccus😂
  11. His dads a great bloke.
  12. Haha they defo being ticked off. The more the merrier
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