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  1. tomski


    Always an interesting take. I’m not sure I’d bother with management after earning at elite level. They should go back to buying boozers. Its actually kudos to those who put themselves through the rigmarole of management when I think about it. I dread to think what some of the day to day man management conversations are needed to satisfy multi millionaires
  2. tomski


    This is a big gripe of mine. Just commentate on the game ha.
  3. tomski


    Yeah. Making a resurgence.
  4. Real Madrid are trying to sign him.
  5. tomski


    I hate the modern premier league/European nights presenters. Too much about them and BT is incredibly top heavy on rag shite. That saying there are some good ones coming through. Like Adam Summerton, think Dempsey does a good job on bundesliga. James Horncastle with Jimbo is beautiful but I could imagine meeting JH in real life could be traumatic. I like Carragher. His partner and Redknapp a lot less so. Goes on mute if the green mount fingerers son is on. Find the foreign stations showing English games much easier to listen too.
  6. No. Not on playing ability. No doubt he’s a leader. Depends what he’d be needed for.
  7. You fishing with Pinocchio’s rod tonight mate
  8. Remove the rags. We win something.
  9. Please say you’ve a summer edition lined up mate or Zico. Forget who the nip father is now
  10. Who doesn’t like the last paragraph except maybe Jake Daniels.
  11. Not seen as a pop don’t worry. Fwiw I think all involved are good poster plus I know a few in real life as well. Just don’t think they’ll be outcomes that will please everyone and it could all just go on forever which does no one any good. To be fair if it can’t be put to bed then it is what it is and I won’t bring it up again.
  12. Probably time to move on from this lads. I don’t see anyone benefitting from continuing it on.
  13. I’m defo in the category. I think my disenchantment with the Premier league certainly frees my time for interest and viewing as I couldn’t view it as an extra these days.
  14. I like it because it’s not elite. Reminds me very much of 90’s premier league. There are forwards that premier league clubs will pay big money for this summer I’m sure. As for HSV well they are just doomed. Didn’t show up last night after doing all the hard work in Berlin.
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