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  1. We rid ourselves of boring financial talk. First summer when no one has clue (me included) what budget we will have and we have hypothetical contract negations being negotiated on here. Won’t be a long summer. Happy to let Evatt get on with it and do what he needs to do.
  2. Will get this. Great part of a great era for BWFC
  3. Was told some people get horny with thunder and lightning years ago. Still not met any of these people yet.
  4. I imagine the offices and hotel will be of interest. Good location
  5. Been a big part of stabilising us and I imagine it’s very time consuming with low reward as I think he kept his day job too. Wish him well.
  6. Would like Brentford lincoln Morecambe
  7. Ruined as stated above. Will give it a miss like most other games. Didn’t even know it was cup final day till someone messaged this morning.
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