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  1. Lovely. Seem to get the results quite a lot.
  2. Spot on. We’ve gone back to square pegs, round holes again.
  3. Have to respectfully disagree with this. We don’t create enough or work the keeper at all (if you remove the last 5 mins) last season the plan was tricky wingers. Dapo/Amaechi yeah it may not of worked but we had a style/system. Now I’ve no idea what the way we play is. Charles hasn’t gone off the boil on his todd. I’m my opinion all the strikers have which suggests something is fundamentally wrong rather than the individual. That said we are 5th and I’d of took a play off spot by Christmas to kick on for second half of the season. So far objectives are being achieved. Just feel it could of been better. Would also be nice to bank some points rather than be shit or bust in the run in, which I think it will be again.
  4. Respecting his privacy. Grow up.
  5. Good enough for me. To respect his privacy.
  6. Will do you good to watch a higher level of football 😂
  7. One thing that Southgate does is picks/creates an environment where they all like and play for each other. I really fell out of love with the national team when we had the ‘golden generation’ I hated most of the team. I see it as no coincidence that Southgate is delivering the best bar Sir Alf.
  8. Just seen the size of The population of Wales. Move on. Senegal here we come.
  9. Could be anything. Early indications appear that it’s too do with a big black hole in the books. For them all to go including Angelli it must be bad.
  10. Some shit is about to go down at Juventus.
  11. Come on England. Get the job done today. Style and beautiful football can come in the knock outs for me. Any win to top this group and no messing please. I have been nervous about this game since the draw but the dynamics of it and how Wales have to go for it now make me think we can pick them off, when they are exposed.
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