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  1. Anyone who liked knightmare I’ll dismiss instantly. Was awkward when my wife said she used to like it.
  2. Yorkshireman. Petty conclusive evidence.
  3. Ajax fans taking de klassiker defeat well. Not enough Norwich scarves for my liking. https://x.com/millar_colin/status/1705959913686483129?s=46
  4. That’s fair enough and applicable to all clubs I suppose. my concern is/was 18 months ago it was Evatts biggest strong point (keeper aside) all signings seemed astute. Since then I think it’s fair to question most of them to be honest. Really rate Cogley. Others I think time will tell.
  5. I can understand the consensus to defend the team and manager but are you suggesting players and manager should be bullet proof as we don’t know the budget?
  6. I’m waiting for the note from wanderers saying let’s be in and around the play off and go for it in Jan. Rinse and repeat year after year.
  7. I’d assume he came as a one off. What an odd game to do it in. Surely no one is surrendering 3 years to do that
  8. Doesn’t feel like any lessons have been learnt since last season. No one disputes the Jones red. JDB looked like he had something else to bring when he came on. Did well not to lose but but it wasn’t a heroic backs to the walls job for me. We had no ambition/intent to nick it. Think Cogley is head and shoulders above the rest. Once Nlundulu stopped trying to dummy the ball and let it go out thought he played well. If and when he kicks on it will be like magnum in zoolander.
  9. Evatt style is square pegs in round holes. He proves this week after week We aren’t going anywhere this season.
  10. Another Evatt masterclass. Tiresome. He’s draining my interest
  11. That was my thought. Except students maybe and El Hadji Diouf😂
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