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  1. My lack of interest in this concerns me. Roll on the start of the season. Couldnt pay me to go back to Ipswich again
  2. tomski


    No wonder he wants to wait around for em.
  3. tomski


    Tranmere fans celebrating the 5-0 like they’d beaten Real Madrid will long live with me. Similar to 1991. I hope we beat em but honestly don’t want to play against their kids like we had too. Some teams in the division really embarrassed themselves over that.
  4. tomski


    Hope they get sorted. A delay will see them finish well below us. That works.
  5. Pay the money. All hail service my car
  6. I hope we switch Rotherham solely for the point we can’t beat em
  7. Rotherham are a division above us (at the moment) fair play he wants to play at a higher level. I thank him for his efforts and move on. Hope our new incoming is better and everyone is happy.
  8. Being sent out in height order this year
  9. The upper echelons elite could vouch for you. But the Colonel would of had to interview!!!
  10. Couldn’t see that looking in via esl corner. Where you sitting next season?
  11. Tunnels to seats gone from grey to blue and just generally cleaner. Even having some stuff in club shop. Just seems like it’s going in right direction.
  12. Just been up today. Little touches starting to make it look good again
  13. Exactly. People on the slippery slope to put it politely. He’d of been mental to even consider them. He wants to be a premier league manager. That would happen quicker with us than them. Not saying it’s on (actually I am)
  14. Played against us a few times for Accrington
  15. It was the trying to break the contract to save Celtic a couple of grand that didn’t sit right. Personally not that arsed about it but I get it.
  16. Think a decent player is still there. We all move on though.
  17. Yeah that’s pretty much what happened. Rumour had it he has a Preston tattoo as well which makes him popular.
  18. Never in doubt. Who leaves Bolton for Blackpool.
  19. Bet the wolves kid couldn’t believe his luck. Firstly as a result not having to go to Wolverhampton again and secondly signing for Bolton. Winning
  20. tomski


    This is the thing I’m struggling with. A lot of Birmingham fans are convinced he’s a stooge for Sullivan and he may well be. But surely Sullivan could find someone better than him if he’s serious. Bassini is a huge liability who doesn’t have a shred of credibility with anyone. For that reason I think surely Sullivan isn’t that stupid?
  21. Really pleased he’s back. Big cog in starting august rather than 2nd half of season.
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