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  1. Thats what I thought I heard. Did he mean like funky town Or like he was about to pump funky?
  2. Was never mad on playing Everton in our time but the premier league would be far worse without em
  3. tomski


    To be fair we don’t know the opposition till Sat
  4. Think I’m in that mindset as well.
  5. tomski


    Heard you the first time😂 Fwiw I wholeheartedly agree but we’ve fucked it that many times I’m genuinely not even giving it a second thought. Fair play to those to do believe. I’ll not be knocking em but anyone who doesn’t think it is on is perfectly entitled to do so. It’s our own fault we’ve ended up in the scenario we are in so little sympathy on last day scenarios of could he should he etc Lets hope we go up either way.
  6. tomski


    Worried Peterborough have played a blinder here. We all getting our hopes up (players and management alike) for final day misery. Something feels odd about it all. Surely any ideas of Evatt resting anyone up now out of the window. That said anyone needing a rest with play offs probably shouldn’t be playing anyway.
  7. tomski


    Carlisle lost to Workington in the Cumbrian cup tonight. Workington had lost previous 7 before this which makes me think it’s easy to get to the final ha
  8. tomski


    I imagine she was spray gunning it out like a tidal wave when they won though haha
  9. tomski


    If it’s a pain in just not gonna bother this time and watch the away one at home.
  10. Taking 2 days off for that is proper loser tackle. Haha
  11. They all have a WhatsApp group? Some serious coordination on those signs.
  12. No one is good on who we could face, for that I’m not bothered who we get. Not suggesting we will win but we can beat any of em.
  13. tomski


    Slow news day today😂
  14. Both likely to get CL football next season due to the 5 maybe 6 qualifiers. Lazio may have something to say about Roma though yet. Bologna have been brilliant this season and Ferguson was being looked at for some big moves till his injury.
  15. Inter about to win Serie A in style beating Milan in the ‘away’ derby.
  16. Incredible he gets the shouts from fans so often.
  17. Don’t think he’s well liked. Wonder if they’ll get Duff back.
  18. tomski


    Sums up this season
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