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  1. We have better support than both. Non story.
  2. That’s disappointing. How hard she tries is borderline pathetic. Even the land of criminals don’t rate her. She reminds me of Jason Cundy.
  3. I have to double check these aren’t Big E posts these days
  4. tomski


    Is this you signalling your intentions for Rudy?
  5. In their pomp’s t’was Danni all the way
  6. Small time worrying about these gimps
  7. I’d go with all that
  8. Spot on. I’m amazed by those offended the money has been raised yet equally amazed at those spunking money at it. A poor do people cheering a little girl but a whip round doesn’t feel right to reflect the situation as compared to others. Crazy times
  9. The moving of the bar just hasn’t worked.
  10. Crikey. Hope everything gets sorted. Happy to chip In
  11. Aye was a regular on the 14:40 to parkway till all the train works
  12. Start drinking in town again. I’m sure barnstormers will re open when fans allowed back.
  13. Seem to be in the minority here but happy we’ve bought Dixon in and I simply want the keeper who is playing better starting. Gilks or Dixon. Good business imo
  14. tomski


    A good chunk of their twaty fans revelled in our relegation a few year back. Ho ho ho ho
  15. tomski

    Boo Boys

    Haha thought the same. Sadly takes itself too seriously these days
  16. Had a couple of mates who have really struggled. I only think its an issue when things start slipping. Is fine margins. It’s sad when it takes control mind and a bit of advice/concern shouldn’t hurt if it’s not an issue.
  17. tomski

    Boo Boys

    Instead of kneeling they lie down fully waiting for her to do her thing!!!
  18. Simon Charlton would of given this a thumbs down in the good old days!
  19. Wasted on me. I’ve only just learnt (and im still not 100%) what a Karen is.
  20. wow that couldn’t of landed any better for you. Also to come back and call Gove a visionary suggests to me Paul is on a wind up.
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