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  1. Always someone doing em over. They are just shit and should accept it. Skys coverage about it yesterday was bordering the ridiculous stating the fans protested at a game once when they were good. If they were winning no one would bat an eyelid.
  2. Think we could do the actual rags in R3
  3. Just reading up on it. 70 teams go into first round and only Burnley and Watford get a pass to the 2nd round for finishing 18th/19th in prem. Norwich are in for finishing 20th. Might be the norm as I’m sure we played Barnsley last year.
  4. tomski

    Away End

    South stand in 98 for Blackburn at home and legends match.
  5. tomski

    Fan Zone

    France are banning single use plastics. We will follow suit I’m sure. It’s a while off yet though.
  6. A poster on here named his street after Danny Welbeck
  7. He can’t pay with his ring now he’s married. Someone else. They’ve had it for years as well.
  8. tomski

    Fan Zone

    Dispense machines I suspect. Bring your own bottle etc.
  9. tomski

    Fan Zone

    Yes. I think bottled water will die a death in a few year anyway.
  10. tomski

    Fan Zone

    What’s your beef with smart water!!!!
  11. He’s a severe knob head. I’m surprised anyone listens to him. I’m going to boycott talk sport
  12. A mate of ours pays with a Ring.
  13. Think a lot of people are way to invested in this. Excluding those who ended it up in real life scenarios obvs. Haven’t really given it much thought since.
  14. tomski

    Wycombe (H)

    Superb stuff and long may those performances continue
  15. tomski

    Wycombe (H)

    Haha. Lessons learnt
  16. tomski

    Wycombe (H)

    We’ve a few spares in east upper if anyone wants to message.
  17. tomski

    Wycombe (H)

    I’m shorts. Straight to a do in sale after. Once in never out.
  18. Will he stop talking about Lonsdales?
  19. Supposedly gone off the boil big time.
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