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  1. 2 hours ago, Not in Crawley said:

    Fair enough - I did see that Bolton was mentioned in the Mirror today regarding where this indian varient is spreading with SAGE meeting, but that it is going to be a nationwide issue.

    Do people think there would be a local lockdown? Folk will go crazy.

    I’ve stopped caring if they do now. 

  2. 1 hour ago, burnden said:

    I see Wycombe have released one of their keepers Ryan Allsop aged 28 , might be worth a look.

    I’m sure he had a flair up with one of our kids in that first game. Wasn’t a good look

  3. Tranmere are only relevant when we are shit. They are becoming less relevant to me again (good news)

    Allardyce would only do Salford for a DOF role and loads of wedge. It would be a sad ending to his career. Can’t see it

  4. 2 hours ago, Rudy said:

    I have listened to rap/grime/hip hop played the most violent video games watched the most graphic films and never felt the urge to carry a knife or get involved with a gang. 

    I am a vile druggy thug but a harmless friendly one 

    Aye far too simplistic to blame music and games. Plenty more changed over time.

  5. Would normally be pleased for Man City after they’ve done so well as a new team at the top table but they and the others blew that good will with me the other week. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Traf said:

    Folk about moaned about the club's perilous financial position for several of the past few years. They've complained about how badly managed the club was and now that the current owners are trying to run it as a business, they're getting moaned at too.

    I think Ms Brittan et al have sat down and considered it for a long time to work out what's the most they can charge without pissing too many fans off, whilst also selling them as cheap as they can realistically afford to. That's why they're more successful in business than most of us. (Obviously we've some senior captains of industry on here, so that bit doesn't apply to you)

    This year's ticket is cheaper than last years.
    Last years ticket price could have got me a cheap week away all-inclusive somewhere warm
    This year's price won't get you a weekend in a caravan.
    It's all relative.

    At the end of the day an adult and an under-18 can watch games for the combined pittance of £11.91.
    Jesus Christ, they might as well open the doors for free and fuck off home until the money runs out.

    Well said

  7. I think it’s been bob on. You were offered a refund if not keen. I appreciate everyone’s circumstances are different but I wanted to be money to go to the club and I’m fairly sure it has.


  8. 11 hours ago, Spider said:

    As a means of suggesting people just be good to each other, and to set a basic way of encouraging decent morality, it would be fine.

    The message most churches I’ve ever been to tends to be “look after each other, don’t shit on folk”

    Thats ok, you know. I like that.

    Unfortunately, the rest of it is absolute and total bollocks mixed with a sinister undertone of slavery to a message.

    I’ll go with that. I think on the flip side is if it wasn’t religion the loopy types would find another mechanism to spout their bollocks

  9. 3 minutes ago, leigh white said:

    Smells of Bolton 0 Brentford 1 this.

    Nowt will happen.

    They are being applauded for being sore losers. They’ve a generation who can’t handle not winning everything and they can’t handle it.

  10. 9 hours ago, fatty said:

    If you’re looking for something a little different for dinner try Braza. Amazing !


    I don’t understand having take away sandwiches for lunch. The simplest thing to make and far cheaper to do it yourself. 

    Love Braza. It’s a little hidden gem

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