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  1. 32 minutes ago, Mounts Kipper said:

    Unless they spent big which they would unlike Rotherham. 

    Supposedly well run these days. Derby bloke I work with says wages at 40% turnover. Impressive if correct.

  2. 2 minutes ago, wakey said:

    Good guess, but we've never managed better than back to back wins.

    Surprisingly (to me anyway)we lost our last 3 on the bounce against these and 6 of our last 8. Good job they disbanded - current club was founded years after the original lot went.

    Haha good this. Went off your clues and was either them or Darwen but I assumed they disappeared earlier than 1911

  3. 1 minute ago, Rizlar said:

    Just asking that’s all I am interested to know ? 

    Baxter has been a huge miss. Him being back could be crucial. Conceded goals per game has shot up since he’s been out. Must be a couple of months or about 10 games

  4. 41 minutes ago, SatanGreavsie said:

    Security services contact group X they have a hold over; group X are told to contact religious leaders in group Y who are known to be happy to disregard any moral qualms for a BIG bag of cash and so they contact willing idiots Z. Tell Z that's it's God's will etc and that they'll have an escape plan anyhow. Willing idiots get to the destination surprisingly unmolested (though covertly monitored to within an inch of their lives). Do the deed and then are promptly captured and drive south only to be "captured" near Ukraine. They can't tell anyone the truth as nobody will ever see them apart from a quick video of them sprawled on the ground with guns pointed at their knackers. Y get their big bag of cash and a warning to keep quiet of they'll be fingered for it and wiped out. Y are happy anyhow as they buy bigger apartment complexes somewhere sunny, stocked with whisky and whores. X are told they did good and debts are wiped - for the time being.

    That kind of thing.

    That kind of thing loosely detailed 😂

  5. 1 hour ago, Zico said:

    They did well to catch them so quickly, so soon after, 6 hours from Moscow 

    Can’t see past an inside job on this. Miserable sods. RIP to those who have wasted their lives for a likely stunt

  6. 5 minutes ago, Mounts Kipper said:

    This. Flew into Exeter, and back via Heathrow.  Wasn’t the best route.🤣

    Made a night of it though. Little tools to work with hahaha

  7. 1 hour ago, Leyther_Matt said:

    Tbf I always had it in my head that in later years there were 4,000 on the Embankment and 500 in the tent (could be wrong) so it’s not unfeasible given how big a chunk of seating and terrace was handed over. 

    Think the tent was 200

  8. 53 minutes ago, Zico said:

    hard to disagree, won the same number of titles as AC (19), but "only" 3 european cups compared to AC's 7

    but still 1 more than Juventus who've won it twice, however, they've won the title 36 times

    still inclined to put them in tier 2 along with Ajax and Benfica

    not sure where to put City and PSG, tier 2 or 3, not sure they have the pedigree for tier 2 alongside the Ajax's etc, but definitely not in the top tier

    You are gonna be in trouble with @DazBob

  9. 11 minutes ago, paulhanley said:

    I actually think they need a bigger away end on a permanent basis. They're never going to fill three sides of that stadium with home fans and in most divisions they'll play in there are local derbies in which  the opposition will bring more than 4000. This was always the problem at Springfield Park - and why in less ticket controlled days BWFC were regularly in the home ends mingled with theirs.

    All which is fair enough. Anyone wouldn’t be happy about handing over their ‘end’ though. They aren’t well supported but that’s not the fault of the folk who get moved. It’s the fault of being a rugby town and having a mediocre football club in their town.

  10. Just now, MickyD said:

    yet the fans still bleat about selling Man U the whole of the East Stand for their FACup game.

    Are they mad?

    I think they are entitled to be pissed off. If we did it I wouldn’t bother going.

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