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    Not celebrated a goal like that for a while. Flew around the room
  2. Lovely added bonus on tonight’s beauty
  3. Amen. The serum is working on test subject horwich
  4. I’ll support anyone against the rags I like Blackburn to lose I don’t need to worry about Wigan in Europe. Obviously plenty more no marks worth mentioning. The rest I want English to win unless like @Rudy says it’s a bit of David v Goliath going on
  5. Uh oh. I’m working on a cure for this.
  6. Last pint I had was in the York in a pub
  7. She’s related to Bolton fans
  8. Was that the game that someone set fire to some plastic. I had a freebie in Man City end and was sussed out when I didn’t celebrate their goal. No hassle/wry smiles etc. Ended up on deansgate locks off my rocks ha
  9. To be fair I’m happy as a pig in shit in most places but you’d be hard pressed to know that was a joey Holt’s without it being on signs
  10. Admittedly both in bury but he used to drive and hates Bolton and anyone from Bolton (me included ha) think he just about tolerated @Under_Score
  11. Dukes and the one near Dukes are still top boys for this type of behaviour
  12. love drinking in the sun. love drinking in fannies slicking my hair back in with my shades and Ralph Lauren knitwear thinking I’m minted. To be fair love anywhere with a garden. My old neighbour took us to Queen Anne a few times in whitefield which was nice and Goats gate has been re done up bob on.
  13. Sad you’ve accrued 10% of others mate ha
  14. A promotion is really there for the taking. Ive changed my opinion from earlier that we haven’t the players to do this. A good transfer window with IE making good signings. I like the fact he’s signing short terms or loans that our attainable to keep longer term. The challenge I think coming up is how we put teams to the sword. I’ve still not seen us put anyone to work with ease. Every win seems to be hard thought. Promoted teams can win the odd game in 2nd gear and I think we will need this to go on a run required.
  15. As @radcliffewhite1 says. The best I’ve seen
  16. Bob Mills talks about this really well on Quickly Kevin. Sat with a bloke at Orient for years knew him only by first name. The son reached out to him and asked him to come. He turned up and felt he knew as much if not more than all. These people with him as he knew his behaviour inside out between 3-5 on a Saturday and really felt connected to him.
  17. I’d move to Biggleswade
  18. Went to a Chorley game once. It was shit and I went to the pub. Winds me up on talksport when Dave from Essex is allowed a say about his beloved dmbs or just Goldstein. There is no stigma attached to their pathetic glory hunting and people allow them an opinion. I suppose it’s the reaction they want.
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