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  1. 3 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

    At least this year no need to worry about day trippers getting tickets

    sit back & relax 

    Semi is 2k isn’t it?

  2. 2 minutes ago, Chicken dippers said:

    I told my lad to stop stressing. I said it would be totally different if Derby were not winning. I told him it made no difference to the playoffs. Hope I’m right. 

    Feel we are being kind here as my small insight to the game. At 1-0 should of been no let up. We’ve seen this plenty of times this season and it makes me wonder what is discussed at HT.

    As said though mini league begins

  3. 4 hours ago, paulhanley said:

    Aye. Derby were chanting "wanky Wanderers" when Peterborough equalised. Somewhat odd. Wouldn't be surprised to see them struggle next season. Not our concern though ... Oakwell here we come.

    I love it. Imagine being irrelevant 

  4. 3 minutes ago, perth_white said:

    So I want to watch this. Can a single game be purchased on WanderersTV? Or do I need to pay the 50 quid subscription?

    Just buy a match pass pal. Follow on ifollow link and it will let you buy just the game.

  5. Just now, Zico said:

    I always get confused between games against Morecambe and Fleetwood 

    A merger to help Zico!!! Could work

    Fleetcambe or Morecwood?

  6. 8 minutes ago, DirtySanchez said:

    Derby fan I know (decent handful) is nervous

    Granted she's not representing all the fans

    But still


    My 2 at work were the opposite. The exact words were ‘we won’t even fuck this up’ 

    im in agreement 

  7. 1 hour ago, desperado said:

    How could there be a conflict of interest over us trying to win a football game and not having a focus on the play-offs?

    Unless you think we should just trot out reserves, not bother about result/performance and be happy going into play-offs on the back of a defeat?

    I know he won’t mean it like that(from 72 hours in Hamburg last week) 

    Enjoy tomorrow mate. COYFWM 

  8. 5 minutes ago, Leyther_Matt said:

    3pm on the Bank Holiday Monday last year. League Two was 3pm on the Sunday. I’m sure there are precedents for it being 3pm on Saturday but 5.30 wouldn’t surprise me one bit.  

    Better memory than me. I thought it was sat and Thurs 

  9. Can we play at 3pm on Sat and be on tele? Wonder if that where the 17:30 rumour is gathering pace? Sure it was an early kick off last season

  10. 55 minutes ago, Lt. Aldo Raine said:

    Well, that's shit

    I hope you manage to get fixed up quickly

    Remember when I was renting in whalley range and the bloke had lost the flat in a court wind up and we were given 28 days to leave. Had been paying the letting agency for 6 months and they’d be trousering it all. Then had the cheek to kick off and ask when I was paying my share the last month. Knob I was living with paid em.

    Is quite stressful.

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