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  1. We kept more clean sheets than I can remember 2nd half of last season!!!!
  2. That’s a fear I have for the future with mine.
  3. Convinced the bloke who has taken over isn’t going to end well. His behaviour seems very odd for a guy of his credence
  4. To be fair both sets of fans go out of their way to explain how the club/s is in their blood as opposed to us non super fans so I’d expect nowt less
  5. tomski

    Boo Boys

    The twitter bloke wow. His actions alone will keep the kneeling ongoing for longer than it would of done. I barely even notice it happens anymore which is defeatist for what it’s trying to achieve I suppose. I sit in the middle on this as I’m not offended by it or nor would I do it myself. I find either extreme look extremely daft as per usual in the current climate
  6. confident we will get John
  7. We’ve done over 7k on renewals only. Super stuff
  8. I had my first addiction to club call
  9. Also him and players are all following him now
  10. Foden mount Grealish sounds like somewhere in Wigan
  11. Why have I never had the invite?
  12. Ameobi will stay in championship. Saw a few accusations of laziness aimed at him which was laughable I think the stats stated he was our best defender as well as best attacker at one point while having asthma. His time is done here but he was a bright spark in a miserable period.
  13. Aye I’d you have the right people to execute the moneyball method is clearly king. The big part of the above statement is the if bit. Also we shouldn’t be looking at moneyball methods till at least the championship as we should be trading off our big club status in these leagues
  14. As dull as it sounds I’m not remotely concerned by result or performance of last night. Only when it kicks off
  15. Sounds like something Tony Pulis won. will end up at Celtic/Rangers or the other Scottish team
  16. Honestly it’s because he’s shite. Actually did alright at the swamp
  17. tomski

    Euro 2020

    Honestly hope not mate
  18. Bielsa has done an amazing job at Leeds. He’s had some tough spells at lazio (as in didn’t happen) Lille and Marseille granted but the things he’s done at Bilbao, Chile, Newells beforehand show he’s class. His teams play great football, I’m amazed his credentials get analysed but David Moyes (WW hero) is seen as a great for nearly qualifying for the champions league with West Ham once. If fan polls were run at every club of who they’d want as next manager and it was a straight shoot out of them 2 Moyes wouldn’t get 20%
  19. tomski

    Euro 2020

    To be fair getting wound up with the squad is a good start. Really looking forward to seeing Bellingham. I think he’s good enough to get some game time.
  20. tomski

    Euro 2020

    Right back at you
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