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  1. 6 minutes ago, Steejay said:


    Yeah, and Vale fans aren’t happy with him either.

    He’s a genuinely nice guy but probably too nice to do the dirty side of the job.

    Don’t even speculate until the end of the season.


    To be fair I’m not speculating. 

  2. 1 minute ago, gonzo said:

    Sheff Wednesday fans hated him and his style of play.

    Sat amongst a load who weren't having him while they were sat 2nd in league.


    Hmmmm 😂

    Whatever is said he had absolutely no right turning a 4 goal deficit round in that semi. Could argue he had no right ballsing up 1st leg.

    Must of been some team talk.

  3. Just now, DirtySanchez said:

    True but Sheff Wed and Huddersfield's positions aren't much greater than ours 

    He's at Port Vale now so I wouldn't be concerned 


    As stated before it bases no merit to the ‘they walk among us’ insinuation.

  4. 3 minutes ago, DirtySanchez said:

    And since then he's been sacked twice and we've not even finished the season

    At clubs in higher leagues than us.

    Also Sheff man is acknowledged as a moonman isn’t he?

  5. 3 hours ago, Leyther_Matt said:

    Genuinely heard someone, without a shred of irony, calling for Darren Moore at the game on Saturday. They walk among us. 

    He’s promoted a team out of L1. While I don’t agree at all with the statement. It’s certainly not in the realms of moon man to suggest it.

  6. 32 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    Saturday has sucked any form of positive feeling I have about games like this.

    We just dont have the minerals.

    Best footballing team in the league and we will beat enough go have a good go but we just haven't got the ball to turn up in big games when the chips are down.

    We wont win here and we wont win at Barnsley or Derby either. We cant handle the pressure.

    Sadly agree with tomorrow may be the exception. Let’s hope so

  7. 5 minutes ago, barrycowdrill said:

    Schumacher at Stoke be the next one. They aren’t having him at all. Players or fans. Interviewed Big Sam apparently before the went with Schumacher and they’ve got him lined up again 

    Everyone could see how this would play out including Schumacher I suspect. If I remember right @green genie Quoted tripled or quadrupled wages and a move home. What a gig for a few months work in any other industry. His stock will still be decent and his family far better off. 

  8. 5 minutes ago, onefinfrandsen said:

    In real time I didn’t think it was either a penalty or a red, but there’s an image going around that shows santos clearly gets the man first and has both feet off the ground. If that’s the view the ref has then can understand why he’s made the decision he has. Agree we need to go back to basics regarding the defence, be tempted to play iredale as the left wing back as he is more defence minded than .Ashcroft.

    It will be Nat at left wing back on Tuesday. As that’s what we do now.

  9. 7 minutes ago, deeane Koontz said:

    It was a pen.

    Clever play from their striker tbf.

    I'd be more concerned with the defending and attitude towards it

    Shouldnt have really been in that position in the first place. Look at state of our defenders it's like they're out on a leisurely stroll along the promenade.





    Been listening to far too much talksport mate😂

  10. 6 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    Watching this rugby league game. They’re going to have to work miracles on the pitch in 3 days for it for it to be anything other than shit.

    Playing neat football through the middle of the pitch might not be the most advisable tactic

    Same for both teams. I can almost picture IE post match

  11. 1 minute ago, Johnnyrotten said:

    What's the definition of bottling it?  We played our game, yes a couple of defensive errors, but bottling it is probably the performance at Barnsley in the play offs when we were never at the races, slightly disinterested.  Today the difference between losing and not losing IMO was the ref, not just the big decisions but the whole flow of the game, and despite him we could have scored a few.   Move on and hope we get a fair ref on Tuesday. 

    Wow. Cheers Ian

  12. 1 minute ago, radcliffe white said:

    I often wonder this

    And our disciplinary record this season isn’t good 

    I do think santos has been hard done by as I think he goes in before the forward appears 


  13. 5 minutes ago, Zico said:

    As things stand we've only lost one so far 

    If that's the same in a few weeks great 

    It's the random shit like we get today that's more concerning

    I fancy us more at Barnsley and Derby then I do Wigan

    I think after Barnsley/Derby it will look different

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