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  1. They are in danger of becoming good. Obviously going for it again.
  2. I know that was the plan, whether they followed through with it. I'm not sure.
  3. Buzzing with getting Brazil.
  4. A Reading fan asked me what it was like to lose at wembley twice in one season? He nearly broke me, but I have had a dislike of them ever since!
  5. A super day, maybe the best ever.
  6. Tests done apparently proving he's 17. Tough paper round?
  7. I think shes still chairman of Norwich.
  8. Hiding her tits or dick in that pic!
  9. That's my thinking. Sadly seems easy to sway the masses.
  10. I meant its not that as big an issue as has been stated but folk have been convinced an immigration block will be the return of something marvelous.
  11. I will credit Farage for getting people thinking this is a far bigger issue than it actually is.
  12. Wasn't aimed at anyone in particular. Its just a topic I don't think that's played out very well on here.
  13. I certainly wouldn't be excited enough to start a ' the buggers back' Fred.
  14. The Nottingham accent is up there with the worst.
  15. Tempted? You turning gay? Nailed on.
  16. Going off logic, mines a red seat. I think. Should know this really.
  17. A good way to go for Rochdale would be individual shops rather than chains. Could be the straight woman's hebden bridge?
  18. He used to be spunk in his dad's todge! That's the only way I can explain why he is such a bellend.
  19. John Bostock was the lad who went to spuds
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