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  1. 1 minute ago, Casino said:

    Its ok for you to pretend bod has had some fall out with the manager :)


    Haha if he hasn’t he’s a bigger idiot than previously estimated.

  2. 1 minute ago, bwfc87 said:

    This. Some idiots behind us, Collins gave the ball away or knocked off it, unlucky lad. Vic exactly same thing, you’re useless, get him off! 

    To be fair Vic is consistent. Not a boo boy but let’s not pretend he’s hard done by.

  3. Just now, DazBob said:

    Dunno, waiting for @Whitesince63 to spill the beans.

    Just seen on the where we will finish thread. Something said about internal unrest. Nothing more than that I think.

    He must of fallen out with JDB though? Is that internal unrest or does it need a certain number of people to trigger?

  4. 31 minutes ago, Whitestar said:






    2 x Sheffield


    2 x Nottingham








    Possibly get signs for Stoke?


    Maybe picking up signs for Peterborough & Cambridge too?

    There will have been a sign for Manchester somewhere.

    Manchester on the M1 with Hudd

  5. 57 minutes ago, L/H White said:

    Cheaper than our buses, that'll cost you £35 :D

    Tell you what them coaches don’t mess about. We thought we did well being back for 19:50 and saw a few of them on M62 etc

  6. 34 minutes ago, deeane Koontz said:


    He's class. That goal was a beaut.

    Didn't realise he was only 23 seems to have been around for yonks.

    6 years in Madrid I think. Not many last that long. Fair play. He’s a great player.

  7. 2 hours ago, gonzo said:

    Bellingham was superb yesterday but fuck me Vini Jnr is some player. 

    Hope we dont come across Brazil in Euros.

    He might be Scottish but he’s no finish

  8. Just now, jeep said:

    He was talking to a bloke with a flag. See him at Walkden CC, so he may be one of the Wogden Whites? I don't think it was negative chat....

    Spot on. Couldn’t work it out good or bad. Just hoped it wasn’t bad. Saw a chap at Stoke took a bit of flak from theirs at Blackburn 

  9. Be interesting to see if we go to 4-4-2 when situations arise. I actually thought the 2 banks of 4 looked incredibly comfortable in their ‘new roles’

    CMG looked excellent.

    Iredale looked good as part of a 2 man cb.

    Geth at RB.

    Collins looks a menace on wing also.


  10. 59 minutes ago, desperado said:

    The timeline on this one doesn’t make sense to me. Unless I’ve misunderstood the communications this week?

    - Barnsley he injured his wrist

    - Tuesday talk that he’s not playing 

    - He plays, Evatt confirms not as bad as first feared

    - later in the week at his presser IE confirms injury situation getting better and his Wrist is not as swollen and sore as it was

    - yesterday (above) Atherton says he troubled the injury in the 9 minutes played against Cambridge.






    Same thoughts here. No issues with Coleman playing. Just doesn’t stack up.

  11. 9 hours ago, Leyther_Matt said:

    I’m probably trying to be too complimentary to all concerned but I think JDB has too much finesse in situations such as today where all we wanted was a big lump up top to create chaos and keep hold of the ball while reinforcements arrived. Doesn’t mean Jerome is necessarily a better player than JDB right here, right now but sometimes different situations call for different players. The annoying bit for me as far as JDB is concerned is that we all know what he’s capable of, but it’s been fairly rare this season (admittedly with a less of a run in the starting 11).

    (Hope I’ve articulated the above well enough for someone on the piss for most of the day and just skulled a full chocolate orange in front of Shaun of the Dead)

    I certainly appreciate you trying as I’m still dumbfounded by it. The man can hold the ball and bring people in. It was crying for someone to do that yesterday. 

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