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  1. 2 minutes ago, Traf said:

    So he sold the shares for approx £26m in 2018 and forgot to pay the £5m due.

    The Guardian called him out for it in 2022 and he claimed they were smearing his name by telling lies.

    In 2023, he paid the £5m after realising that he'd actually made a careless mistake doing his tax returns in 2018.

    Sounds like you are not convinced he’s being truthful here on his forgetfulness 

  2. 1 hour ago, gonzo said:


    Add that to him using his club shares for his gambling addiction, unwillingness to move from Chesterfield and being a general Pig Headed, stubborn, tippy tappy, arrogant bully.

    Im surprised he's still in a job :)


    In fairness it was the Evatt apologists who said they’d fallen out as a justification for selling.

    This makes me more gutted/perplexed he left😂

  3. Just now, radcliffe white said:

    2 separate transactions for the same amount but the 2nd one says pending 

    Yeah not here. Just one for each transaction I did. Hopefully don’t mess you about 

  4. 2 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

    Just noticed my credit card has been debited for the tickets and the same amount again is pending, anyone had this? 

    Just the one (well 2 transactions) but once. Mine was not on a credit card though so maybe different.

  5. 1 minute ago, L/H White said:

    brilliant effort witch such short notice 

    will end up around 30k

    I personally think it’s an amazing turn out.


  6. 1 hour ago, W.cramp said:

    Trying to get me bearings,   and I know somebody on here did it last time but from wealdstone fc,  is it the tube from ruislip to Wembley park ?   If so then what bars are we looking at around wembley park ?

    I know it sounds like a bit of hand holding but not done the tube stuff for donkeys.


    Yes Ruislip is on the met line that will take you to Wembley Park. As Matt says it’s simple as you see the stadium from the exit.

    Pub wise is slim pickings. I would also say box park is shite if rammed as well even if we get it. 

    There is a los iguanas not a million miles away a bit off the radar that does the trick.

    White horse is decent for a pint but I suspect will be heaving.


  7. What happens if we sell less than expected. Do attendance people get angry, does it ruin the day? It’s actually a serious question.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Johnnyrotten said:

    I was purely referring to the visibility of a massive turn out, the Watford end (same colours coincidentally) was an impressive sight, the fact that they only had 1 song isn't the point 😀

    Stoke another example where the support seemed to impact the 1st half performance, if there's a 5% improvement to be had early in the game I'd prefer that to be in our favour, its not about how many songs we have compared to them.

    Wasn’t an issue against Preston. What we take will have no outcome on the game whatsoever in my opinion

  9. 6 minutes ago, desperado said:

    Craig North telling us Evatt is there to watch Dapo?! 🤷

    I’m sure Evatt did say something about wanting to watch him a while back. Lucky bastard if he’s doing the reeps after 

  10. Just now, paulhanley said:

    There weren't all those seats behind the goal when we regularly got dicked there in the 80s and early 90s. 

    I think that’s the new stand they never finished.

  11. 8 minutes ago, Wanderlust said:

    Well I didn't - I just wanted him to be played in the right role but that would have meant changing the system. It's like when Elmander was announced as a centre forward and got slagged off for not being one. Square peg round hole jobs.

    Was gutted when both left.

  12. 9 minutes ago, L/H White said:

    I'd really struggle with VAR I think 

    I'm not sure if it would make me stop going I'd have to actually be in the ground a few times to see how it makes me feel 

    But it's really fucking shite 

    Agree. No way I’m missing a one off with what’s at stake but week in week out it’s not exciting me.

  13. 26 minutes ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

    I'd like Ashworth, if he doesn’t feel messed about by us

     Caleb too, another year's loan maybe. Ogbeta, who's available and Maghoma.

    Obviously Johnson is due back, fit & firing & in a mood to stay.

    If we go up we need at least one striker. Vic's all well & good but hardly a World beater. Dan, loan, sell or a permanent reserve.

    If we're promoted we need more proven, quality, players. The infamous 'hard man in midfield' eludes us. 

    I'm also concerned that in tje Chamioship Santos may be challenged more.

    Agreed on first 2 paragraphs especially 

  14. 1 hour ago, gonzo said:

    Blackpool lot reckon he's a fairweather player.

    Bit like Oli Norburn. Thank christ we didn't get him btw.

    Yeah from Bolton and not a white. No ta.

    Clearly we will have 2 sets of transfer targets and I’m glad we are moving quick. Let’s hope it’s the championship list. If not still right to make moves

  15. Just now, Leyther_Matt said:

    Still hosting games, too. A weird mix of kids games, women’s and pub teams. 

    Yeah saw something like a shit local Saturday league or Sunday league team use it.

    I fail to see the point. Remember at the time thinking it wasn’t a terrible ground. Think they were building a new stand or something too. 

  16. On 07/05/2024 at 22:43, Eddie said:

    He was working wonders and had them playing some great stuff. I had them down as being one of the challengers next season with him in charge (and the general consensus from Derby fans is that he was the main reason for any success under Rooney).

    As others have said, he won’t struggle to find another job and likely a good one at that

    Hull fan boss says he’s shocked but at the same time watching some of their games was painful

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