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  1. Seems worth a shout. £500 notes is £500 notes
  2. No doubt. I bet Neil had a bit of a chubby at this.
  3. Like the season before. I genuinely don’t think the club have lost a lot of money over the period. When you think everyone pretty much let them keep the season ticket money etc the other season.
  4. Fair play to anyone going. You couldn’t pay me to go ha.
  5. To be honest I’d say he’s more of a premier league player.
  6. tomski


    I’m not convinced it’s a done deal yet. No way can they have gone through the books so quickly almost a matter of days.
  7. To be fair Yorkshiremen being positive would be a hard read.
  8. tomski


    A seasoned veteran in this game C
  9. tomski


    Big fan of Perth White and his work
  10. tomski


    Looks like pre season boredom is alive and well here ha.
  11. I like Kachunga. Decent player who I think rarely plays in his actual position. Happy if he’s still here.
  12. My lack of interest in this concerns me. Roll on the start of the season. Couldnt pay me to go back to Ipswich again
  13. I think he’s taking the piss.
  14. tomski


    No wonder he wants to wait around for em.
  15. tomski


    Tranmere fans celebrating the 5-0 like they’d beaten Real Madrid will long live with me. Similar to 1991. I hope we beat em but honestly don’t want to play against their kids like we had too. Some teams in the division really embarrassed themselves over that.
  16. tomski


    Hope they get sorted. A delay will see them finish well below us. That works.
  17. Pay the money. All hail service my car
  18. I hope we switch Rotherham solely for the point we can’t beat em
  19. Rotherham are a division above us (at the moment) fair play he wants to play at a higher level. I thank him for his efforts and move on. Hope our new incoming is better and everyone is happy.
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