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  1. Spot on pal. Can’t see it myself but no grumbles if that’s the case. It’s incredible we have the opportunity that we have considering our previous form
  2. We keep doing our bit we won’t need to worry about anyone else. Normally I’m doing predictions and calculations. Don’t think it needs doing this time.
  3. Couldn’t give a shiny about wilder or sheff u. COYWM
  4. Who wouldn’t want to be your friend ?
  5. Big thing for me. Watched every game on ifollow 3-5 and that’s it. Miss the beers and time drinking the beers.
  6. Just wanted to echo @DazBobcomments and say thank you. This site and the people of BWFC really do show their true colours in people’s time of need. RIP pal
  7. Said it all along they aren’t worth saving
  8. Think this could be our big win. Logic says this Bradford team is the most likely in all fixtures to have a go at us and I think this could play in to our hands massively. Probably the away I’m gutted to miss the most this season. Worked in Bradford for a few years. Good place to sup and the ground is a belter. Bradford 2-4 Bolton Though I’d take any type of win.
  9. Are you kidding? Donaldson is the worst player I’ve ever see play for Bolton. Quite the honour
  10. tomski


    He was seen as a legend by a fair few on here. I remember Boothy trying to explain if I understood what a loan was and I was quite the simpleton for not buying into ken haha
  11. Aye, I was on about this seasons money!!
  12. Not arsed about the season ticket money. I have no doubt it’s gone to players signing etc. I can see a scenario where we have come out of this ok with ST money and extra ifollow money as well as no stewarding costs and that’s also good news. My small gripe is the offers for the shop been twice to buy presents and once I was told it hadn’t started despite being announced and 2nd time I’d missed it. Not brilliantly communicated and if it’s a pain don’t offer it. Just a tad annoying.
  13. tomski


    I find it hard to believe it was cash he was offering as payment! I dread to think and I hope you said no
  14. Any type of win please
  15. I bet your floor or desk has recovered from all them brews you used to spit out though from when they posted?
  16. Piggybacking off this does anyone know any gardeners. To come and do the grass/general maintaining. Not sure this is what TMGJ does?
  17. All about wins. COYWM
  18. Aye. Pinkos stinking it out mate
  19. Exactly. Who cares if Horwich wanna go. Toodaloo
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