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  1. 2 minutes ago, MickyD said:

    I have complete faith that IE picks his team based on his own observations during training sessions. I’m also fairly sure that Bod would be starting if IE thought he’d be better starting. 

    Well I’m glad one of us does.

  2. 15 hours ago, Biggish Dave said:

    Anyone know how Bury went on?

    Did they convince fans to give up their flights in the end. Amazing to see their tinpot even at whatever level they are now.

  3. 1 hour ago, CambridgeBWFC said:

    It started raining last night and not forecast to stop all week. Not as heavy as a few weeks back, but there are obviously issues with drainage, so the pitch is going to be very heavy if playable.



    Wasn’t a few games in the region called off last week as well? Has an abandoned game ever been called off again ha!

  4. 10 minutes ago, MickyD said:

    I think it’s a fitness thing. He’s much stronger coming on and being up against players who have run around for an hour. I think that’s fairly obvious yet so many want him on from the start.

    When he’s started he’s scored plenty in the pizza.

    Thrown in away at Pompey and lays on a great assist for Dion chance which of scored could well of dictated a different season/Charles 

    This he can only play against tired men guff is almost a tad insulting to him.

    Do we start bringing our better players on after an hour from now on.

    Does it also explain why Jerome came on against Northampton?


  5. Just now, Johnnyrotten said:

    Correct.  I fail to see how Coleman's dithering is any different to Baxter's and Trafford's.  And the lack of marking for the 2nd goal is also a tactic, its not the players deciding to leave players unmarked.  They weren't brought up playing that way, none of us were, its imposed on them by the manager.

    Blame is squarely on the manager. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, MickyD said:

    And results like today are the reason we’re not all millionaires having won our fortunes predicting the outcome of football matches.

    Funny how I can predict Blackpool and derby though 

  7. 1 minute ago, boogs said:

    You jest, but I'm yet to hear a credible argument to the contrary 

    Phil Neal 

    the mirrors are frightening 

  8. 1 minute ago, boogs said:

    Circumstances innit. Yes I know there's more to it than this but to me, Baxter in goal today and we win that game. In turn from that, the Evatt doubters are muted for another week. 

    Fuck it, we all love each other really. Especially when you've drank as much as I have by now. Maybe you negative nellys should just drink more 😁

    Beat Blackpool or Derby it’s all forgiven. 

  9. 22 minutes ago, DirtySanchez said:

    Don't think the club has much say 

    Seem to recall a few years back when Leeds were in the championship, they'd regularly feature on Sky 

    Their owner worked out that despite the compensation, they were generating less than they would on a normal match day and asked them to stop being shown so much

    Sky naturally weren't interested 

    Genuinely wonder the impact of the new tv schedule. I’m amazed the lengths they are going to protect the 3pm black out. I wonder if we will move to a model where the 4 leagues kick off at different times. I think we are the only ones who don’t.

  10. 20 hours ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

    Is it ?

    He's not getting a tune from the squad. It's probably time he retired, properly. The club haven't slagged him off, even if some fans & media have.

    Tje club HAVE to be looking at replacements & now he's ill that is more urgent.

    I reckon so. They asked him to come back. 

  11. 6 hours ago, desperado said:

    Just catching up with news on here, been a shit week, brother-in-law (Bolton fan, season ticket holder) passed away last weekend. Pissed up tonight and a bit emotional.

    3 points tomorrow for him will do nicely.

    Don't want to be dealing with any more negative shit, so I'll not be on here if we lose. 

    It's going to be very tough tomorrow without some key players, hope this is taken into account before folk start piling in with doom and gloom and criticism. 

    BWFC should be our happy place to go to when times are shit. And if it doesn't go our way it's not the end of the world, just remember that before you start on Evatt, Vic, Maghoma, Taylor, Coleman or whichever player takes your fancy, all of them will be going out there to do the best for the club we love.



    Sorry for your loss pal. COYFWM 

  12. 2 hours ago, auckland_bwfc said:

    Win this as usual.. these lot are our biggest bunnies ever. Well , in my lifetime at least 

    Collins to bag a brace.

    They must be our most generous club. Certainly in my support time. Come on charlton

  13. 2 hours ago, Johnnyrotten said:

    Just thought it might encourage a few more if publicised, could be wrong.  Just seems harsh to charge £28 etc for a night match on Sky.

    I know thousands of S/T holders won't attend on a school night but plenty of folk that live local would go to a night match in March if it was £10, I'd bring a couple of folk myself but at £28 there's zero chance. 

    Think it’s a fair shout. Makes no difference to me. 

  14. 1 hour ago, DirtySanchez said:

    How much compo do we get off Sky?

    Vaguely remember £10k being quoted or something close. May have been for Pompey game so not sure if home team gets more

  15. 3 minutes ago, L/H White said:

    Must be a tough watch some of these international games if they're having to pick shite from league 1

    On fantasy football they asked if Michael Sheen was starstruck meeting league 2 players when he gave his speech to the wales squad. Made me laugh

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