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  1. that sounds good to me. I saw we needed to win our next 9 to maintain a 2 point average? come the end of November I believe no one will be close to that. Not one game I've watched and thought they're good. Perhaps the only exception to that rule would be zaha and zaha alone.
  2. while the situation is not ideal, I think its far from beyond repair. No one can string a run together and I still think we have a good team to escape this division come may.
  3. fair point but he's a twat so for that reason I'm out.
  4. that sums up my thoughts, feel very different to when meggo went even though both decisions are right.
  5. A track record or did it once out of his 2 appointments? With the other being quite poor.
  6. To be honest I'm sure they don't even want Adkins its more my preference as I believe he could do a super job here, saying that I believed Oc would deliver too. Pretty much making my opinion invalid!
  7. there is talk of the board wanting him gone and a big name in.
  8. Maybe they are waiting for Adkins to go at Southampton before the cull?
  9. sorry I assume you meant the wolves team. No arguments on that front, but he paid big fees for them too.
  10. I know Richardson went this summer, but not a clue on how much, I think they paid a lot for him too. Others I'm unsure on.
  11. See the 3 play offs I can't argue, but the great Sunderland team who finished with 13 points who he built and awful wolves team he built who were well gone when he was chopped last season I can. Admittedly its 2 different divisions we are discussing, but I see no point in a short term appointment just to get us up.
  12. I should probably rephrase that as I don't see us pulling up any trees under mccarthy and certainly no premiership again.
  13. Yeah just rule out arguably the best 2 managers in the world and settle for McCarthy. Is there no middle ground for you?
  14. Keith hill, billy Davies, Nigel Adkins if chopped by soton. I'd even be tempted to look at a foreign coach as an alternative. McCarthy is such a proven failure, I see us worse off under him.
  15. "popular choice with Bolton fans" get to fuck.
  16. He ultimately fails at every club he has gone too, other than maybe millwall 15 Years ago. What's to like?
  17. If any of this is true about McCarthy coming in, it only proves gartside fluked it with Allardyce and his legacy will have been lee, megson and Coyle. Mccarthys wolves team were fucking awful and I hope its a load of bollocks
  18. why would anyone want Neville in?
  19. I think the only fook ups he made at liverpool was squandering big money, he won't get this at Wanderers. Can't see this anyhow but in my eyes would be a major coup.
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