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  1. Just watched this again, What a cunt, never forget!
  2. I remember having a strong dislike of Rodney Jack and I can only assume it was because he scored against a lot.
  3. Think ill have to pass with this bud as I need different times on the train. I'm gonna buy one sat morning. Ill see you there if you're going, good luck getting rid.
  4. cool and casual looks like the future! I'm in.
  5. Redknapp in at west ham by end of the week doing the rounds. Corals have Sam at 2/1 for first sacking
  6. I reckon you'll be the only under 50 in garstang pal.
  7. you should of been concentrating on the girls in Scotts fella, top notch!
  8. Dawson is probably 4th or 5th choice now. They would never get close to a 9 mill bid for him again. They've pulled qprs pants down
  9. I don't want that prick at our club. A joke even thinking about it.
  10. yes because I was being deadly serious when I posted that.
  11. rijkaard looks good money at 33 to1
  12. Ha ha good call that. What happened to Moby? Saw his MTV cribs and he was going on about his vegan table. How can you have a vegetarian table?
  13. agree with the first part, but let's not remember Megson as some forward thinking genius.
  14. wasn't that extra money found after a new bumper tv deal? I'd assume it wasn't there before.
  15. is that game better than this one?
  16. didn't they used to be called Wrexham.
  17. yeah and tribal and click Lancashire!
  18. I saw this as a polite answer Connelly wasn't good enough for the club
  19. was mentioned about not actually paying him interest back, bit just for the books, I assume it was meant we pay a company and it eventuallly goes to Eddie
  20. we were hoping they cut him off but it went on for ages, he said it had been bugging him for years and lessons hadn't been learnt. I'm glad I needed a piss.
  21. Summed up well, but why do we kick off to the south stand second half? Madness
  22. Cm at Charlton done the rounds at London clubs I think.
  23. Nope think he did well with no support last year, worked his socks off, but lacks confidence in front of goal. He's only young and I can see a decent future for him here. As was said further up the thread, who do people think we will replace him with?
  24. think a couple of places have said they'll have it, not sure how though!
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