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  1. Blakes a good laugh by all accounts!
  2. Tragic news, not a good year for football so far. RIP
  3. No! Your a massive jinx, go to widnes instead!
  4. Ceasers mixed kebabs are very nice!
  5. That sounds extremely bizzare, not for me!
  6. Are you not coming to the fulham game on the sat now?
  7. Just found out I've got steak for tea tonight! Things are looking up!
  8. I wonder what got you thinking of this?
  9. Can confirm lenny was at the Reebok.
  10. Could'nt agree more, I live in hope we will eventually win something!
  11. Always felt we'd lost before we walked out against top 4 under his stewardship, with the performances and results (other than the 1 united game).
  12. we had to constantly listen to " they've spent more money than us" we're on a different playing field etc.
  13. Megson constantly resigned us to defeats against top 4 clubs while he was in charge.
  14. sorry captain pedantic, ill do it when I get to a pc!
  15. I got the impression 6 million was the fee boro were looking for. Thought the bid was 3 mill in lots of add ons?
  16. Couldn't agree more! Feel this is as good a chance as any. A nice 2 1 win with a cahill own goal for me. Coywm!
  17. Top trip on walkden whites so far! Coywm!
  18. Just been in morrisons Huddersfield and heard a couple of s/t holders saying they were glad to see the back of him. Too many draws
  19. It was when you started cheering when everton scored, that people got suspicious!
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