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  1. My tried and tested question, the 3 clubs that have been in the top flight at some point of every decade since the football league begun? Plus 1 team who will join this elite group if they go up this decade?



    Never changed my mind about a player as much as Pratley, in fact i'm sure its a different player wearing the #21 shirt. Absolutely class again, he covers some serious ground that lad and is a big part in us being able to play a 4 man midfield and not get over-run. Who says football fans are fickle :D .


    Spearings now showing game after game that he's a very good player, not Liverpool standard, but more than good enough for a side thats looking to get promoted from this league.


    Also thought N'Gog and Lonergan stood out last night.

    Spot on pal, I've wanted it to work for pratley ever since that Crewe friendly where I just felt sorry for him the abuse he got. His work rate is phenomenal and he's shown the best way to shut up his critics.

    It's called Plan B...


    It's nice to have options...


    SKD is still a better footballer than anyone on this site will ever be, and that's a fact.

    Bwfcdan is a good player. Don't be hasty!
  4. Disagree. It's just that continental refs don't get pressured by Ferguson before the game so that Utd. get all the decisions.


    Anyway, to me it's a 50:50. Certainly not the worst decision of all time or a justification for the shower of righteous indignation.


    And something should be done about Utd. players mobbing the ref sufficient that they don't do it again,i.e ban them from European competition for a season..

    But remember Ferguson was disgusted at Clattenbergs treatment by Chelsea players, shirley his players wouldn't do that?
  5. as is how these out of town arm chair fans always have to qualify themselves by adding "lifelong" to their status "utd fan"




    liverpool and utd fans in particular who do these phones ins


    have to point out they are life long fans, always

    I bet it's because they are slightly embarrassed!
  6. 1st bird twice 88/89


    2nd bird twice 90/91


    3rd bird a fucking lot 94/08



    4th bird twice 2010


    5th bird once 2012

    What did you get up to in the lean years of 92,93,09,11 LW?
  7. Nani deserved a red card.

    He jumped and went in studs first, it's a red all day long.


    If it was a league game, there'd not be the same uproar.

    You can see why whisky face lost it. He doesn't control refs in Europe and the fact his boyfriend scored the winner only makes it funnier
  8. The football gods have had a good night tonight.


    A good ending to what has been a fucking shit day.

    you should text your bro in law or whoever it was saying this could of been you!


    Our yoof scarpered sharpish when Blackburn came at em,it was only when a few older Bolton got involved it stopped them advancing.


    Most of the yoof seemed too intent to dive behind a line of 4 coppers and bounce around signing,whilst older lot were left to deal with their lot taking pot shots on anyone.

    Has esl yoof let down again?
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