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  1. Do we really want to play CP though, could very well be a set back after a great win in midweek, yes for fans who have paid money we do though

    Course we do, I'm looking forward to my day out but why wouldn't we wanna play palace regardless?
  2. Listen matey. I fucking despise anything about that club. The ruiners of football for me. First with Executive boxes etc. Dropping the 'FC' because "we are a brand". Megastore first, football later. The lowest of the low apart from another club who I won't mention because Salford Trotter gets upset and others start papping on about pub leagues.


    If, however, I receive something which I believe may raise a smile, I'll post it.


    Hard to believe, I know, but there are Bolton fans who hate Liverpool more than the scum. Perplexing but true. Not browt up reet.

    liverpool don't even register when it comes to the rags. Abu.


    In the 5 games he's been fit he's looked decent. He's only ever played is proper role once I think, which was Blackpool away? 451 with him as the lead man.


    How many games has he played consecutively?

    How many times has he played alongside Davies?

    That's part of the problem though the fact your probably right that he's only been properly fit for 5 games is an issue for me


    i like him but the only thing you can rely on is that you can't rely on him


    he'll be on good money


    we've brought davies in for a fraction of the cost of ngog


    i kep coming back to it but freedman built his team at palace for just over 2 million

    This is where I'm at. while I like him, I think its the potential I like about him rather than what he has actually done. If he stays great if not oh well, I'd like a bit closer to the 4mill we paid.


    Someone should set up a spoof Nixon Twitter account. Only problem is that it would be the same as the original one.

    He's been bang on with news about Bolton for quite a while now.


    And for me its the worst draw we could of been handed there in good form be suprised if we can beat them and its hardly glamourous playing Everton or a money spinner.

    Everyone thought they'd roll Leeds including myself as it was their best chance at silverware in the league cup this year. Certainly nought to fear.
  7. He'll do fuck all

    He did a super job at Barca taking on a good team in transition with players needing to be moved on like deco and ronaldiniho.


    I'm no barca fan as I'm not a football purist but you can't deny he had made them the team to beat in the world. If you beat them you tend to win the champs league if its not them winning it.


    14 trophies in 4 years is nought to be sniffed at.

  8. Be interested to know from those who went whether we've been good or if they've been shite. It's impossible to tell from the wireless.

    Second half was the most complete performance from us in a long time. Whole team played well, special mentions for alonso spearing and pratley for me. Ironically the 3 who seem to have upped there game most under dougie.
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