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  1. Nice bloke loves the club but deluded in his own thoughts. Sure he will have some successful times in the future but can't see his way of management will see him keep a job anywhere for more than a few seasons

    Summed up well.
  2. Talking of banks and cash. I went to the bank in Prague this morning and a bloke was paying in apprx. £30,000 in cash. This took all of 20 min while the cashier counted it both manually and by automated machine type thing not once but 3 times and still got it wrong. Finally they agreed on the amount and then the next bloke approaches the counter paying in apprx. £10000 in cash! 3 people in the queue ( me at the back) half an hour!

    Bank of Dave Prague branch?
  3. Leicester and Palace Draw and we win tomorrow - Barnsley who are fighting for their lives win at Forest


    The next week Watford beat Leicester and we win at Cardiff - play offs guaranteed before Blackpool

    Exactly, lots of twists and turns.
  4. Prices should be cheaper. I'm guessing lower tier was cheaper and if cost is a factor, you should have purchased the cheaper option.


    You could also argue any charge over a quid is a disgrace to watch away football at your place.

  5. Doe's anyone really know what he is asking for? I've heard that it's way more than Bolton will pay wages for anyone plus double what is being offered in signing on fees.

    You can imagine that's the case, can't blame him for wanting to go. Big club nice package, I suspect it will end in tears as I don't see him breaking into their team but hey ho.


    no, its not realtive


    imo, he's not very good


    it doesn't matter if his replacement is better or worse


    it doesn't change what alonso is


    you may want to argue alonso is the best we are liklely to get, mind


    my info is that freedman is in for two from palace, one of them being a left back - a left back who garp tells me wasn't a regular under freedman, but a left back all the same


    hopefully he's better than butterfield who so far looks poor

    Do you know the name? Is the other that bolaise?
  7. Talking Eusebio half to death at a Benfica v Vitoria Setbul game, he looked terrified. On a side note Benfica have a chant which in English sounds like 'where's my soup' which bought great amusement singing that all game to the slightly inebriated stag group.

  8. Aye, I know :)


    10% apparently of the projected cost I think.



    How the fuckery has the cost of building a stadium gone up so much since we had ours built though? I'm sure ours was under £50m wasn't it? ... and if it had been a simpler design (like Stoke's for example) then I'm sure it'd have been a lot less still.

    I assume the land they purchase in that there London will bear a big chunk of that, seems like they want to make it with shops and other facilities too.




    What are they making it out of. MDF?

    like all things that will be a percentage of the funding. It's the first they've took out under the new regime.


    Jay jay beat me too it.

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