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  1. Eagles would be reet in a team of cloggers because he'd be the main guy and eventually he'd do something decent.


    For instance eagles as attacking mid infront of a midfield of Taylor, muamba, Holden and pratley and with big Kev upfront, he'd look like a world beater.



    Lee is doing really well in the team at the moment because he's a team winger. He'll pass rather than take someone on. But is capable of going past someone with a clever touch. Or a one 2. He is a great link when he has decent players around him.

    Wow! Why don't we just get the whole team to work round Eagles and we will be laughing? oh wait we have done that already and slumped to 21st in the division better getting Taylor back should sort that. You'd think he's up there with Messi or Maradona with these types of comments.
  2. I'd suggest his speech last night was because he knows someone has already got the job next year. I know a few chelsea fans (before success) and they make our dislike of megson look like a love in. It's not gonna end well there.

  3. Heyup


    I do a Barnsley FC blog, and occasionally I preview our upcoming games. In these previews, among other things included I like to get the opposing perspective, and so that's why I am here, to do just that.


    If some of you could answer the following questions for me I'd be very grateful and will include as many given answers in the blog post once completed.



    (1) How has the season gone for you? The season started against Hull on Saturday



    (2) What do you think to Freedman? Right man? 100% behind him.



    (3) Who are the players we need to be wary of? Chris Eagles, we may offer you the chance to sign him



    (4) You had Jacob Butterfield on loan at one point, and now you've got Craig Davies - your thoughts on either? Butterfield had one good game for us, not a lot of chance to shine.



    (5) What are your thoughts on us? Alright for Yorkshiremen, Was impressed by your turnout at the Reebok for a small town team.



    (6) Who do you see as our key player(s)? Scotland is doing the business at the mo.



    (7) Are you coming to Oakwell this weekend, and what result are you predicting/expecting? If I can clear it with the boss.




    I will be back before the weekend once the preview is done and uploaded, and will post you the link so you can see what you think.


    Thanks for your time,



    Good luck after Saturday and lets hope the dogheads go down
  4. 3 smoking 'em at our table in the pub last weekend and I got up with the worst sore throat I've had since I packed in and I didn't even have one!


    Couldn't have been the power smooker as he had to go outside!

    Definitely something in that I got some major sore throats off them


    I was just reporting what Honest Harry said upon his arrival at Loftus Rd. Are you trying to suggest he's not always truthful?

    You can't believe anything that crafty cunt says, last year he claimed he did not know what any spuds player was on as that were levys job, but knew to the penny what tevez was on (he may have seen that payslip like everyone else but remember he can't read or write) but all of a sudden he knows what every spuds player is on, he's a wanker.
  6. Never used to bother me when I did them, I found work went a lot quicker and I enjoyed it more. The downside was on my 4 nights on I'd go home and sleep and then get up and go to work again, which wasn't too bad it was the first day off I used to walk round like a zombie.

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