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    Certainly not "no good", just not my cup of tea. Full of Yanks being far too loud and as I said, you really could be anywhere in the world, it's a man made resort.

    If you want that I'd think you may as well go to the canaries for less money & less arsing around on a plane, especially for a week.

    Doesn't sound my cup of tea but she's been there 11 years with about half a year back in blighty.
  2. Id sat it depends where you go in Mexico. Cancun I can't see the point, mostly you could be anywhere so why put yourself through the flight.

    Pacific side is much better and well Mexican I'd say.

    My sister moved to Cancun when she was 16, is it no good?


    I'll only be using them on the sly anyway, not like these dicks you see in restaurants (posh ones like Nandos) who seem to make a big show of puffing away at the table. Now they do look like cunts.

    They helped me get off them. I think it was a belief that I could go without a proper cig while pissed. Downside is I looked more of a twat than normal. I used them for 2 weeks.
  4. I'm not convinced about that.


    he still had a decent record at Newcastle (30 in 80-ish), the constant injuries fucked him up.

    Aye, no disputing he had an eye for goal but went from appearing in 84% of matches down to 27%. Houllier suggested he may of burnt out to early or did he just lose interest.
  5. Hull on the Friday night


    I was grounded as my mates got caught at school burning some resin on a bunsen burner, I wasn't even in that class, but when collared they dropped me in it as well as I part owned it...


    my regret?


    befriending them cunts when I started school

    They at least owe you a kebab for that?


    I don't.


    I think it's a decent away trip with a lot of good pubs on the way to the ground from Darwen station, and a nailed on 6 points a season :D

    I don't want to go down to league 2 for just 6 points ha.
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