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    That's a fair assessment


    I also think this is a nice convenient excuse for Eagles; he was playing shit way before someone had an argument with his sister


    And how is arguing the same as abuse unless you know what was actually said??


    "Hounding Eagles out of the club"?? Fuck off


    Did Beckham stop playing for Enland after dicks were burning effigies of him??

    It seems popular culture blaming Bolton fans at the moment. Anyone who wants to pack up tools at the first sign of strife is not what we need. Let him go. He won't be missed.
  2. aye, we do


    but this fella carried the team until coyle went

    I'd say he was a big part of the problem, he certainly didn't carry the team. His 'free role' left us ridiculously exposed down the right flank week in week out cos he didn't have the discipline to hold a formation or shape. Whether that was his call or coyles I don't know.
  3. I'm delighted he wants to go yes. I wouldn't advocate bullying anyone. Bizzarely I felt he started well at derby playing as 1 of 11 which is all I've ever wanted him to do, but everyone seemed pissed off with him regardless of what he does now. I think get rid and get that money invested in trying all we can to sign Craig Dawson

  4. Sounds like blackburn v burnley away fans can only go on coaches. They must have about 100 lads between them but the police think its galatasary v fenerbache. One burnley fan lived in a house behind the fernhurst but had to drive to burnley get on a coach to get his ticket then get back on the coach after the game to pick his car up. He only lived 2 minutes from ground pathetic

    who's who of reprebates
  5. Mentioned this before. Brought up in LH with all my school mates reds (all ex Salford lads) but all my street mates were Bolton. Could have gone either way but never regretted choosing the Whites.

    If I had chosen the dark side, my 2 lads would have probably followed. I wonder if they regret my decision?

    You saved them!
  6. So whats the general opinion, should a kid follow who its dad supports or support its own local team (if different and not meaning the big6)?

    Not sure luckily I could do both and I know people who are Bolton but not local and local lads who's dads aren't Bolton but they are. I suppose there is no right or wrong answer.
  7. Just remembered


    In a local bar last night here in West Didsbury, a place Zico frequents fairly regularly; everyone is "dressed" for a Friday night. You're actually probably not getting in otherwise anyway


    But enough setting the scene


    There's a random bloke in a Wanderers shirt in there


    That may sound like nowt in Bowton, but here it's a big WTF?!


    So I obviously go over, and within 5 mins we're talking websites......"yeah I go on Burnden Aces and the Wanderer but don't post much" he says


    So I, being rather lubricated, begin to bang on about him being on the wrong site


    "I'm Jules Darby me, Burnden Aces is for social outcasts and The Wanderer is for gimps and students" etc



    Is this really what I've become?

    Ha ha let your alter ego take the strain!
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